Is it possible to become a radical political economist to skew truth?

Two Chicago Tribune articles titled, Thie Truth About the Trump Economy, and, Issues different, but the path to radicalization the same, makes me wonder if there is a link between how an economist views will emulate the same reasons of a radical search for “The Quest to matter.”

The Purpose of this Post

To make aware of how economists will use percentages to “skew the truth” of their views to the public. Do they do so for the same reason the psychologist stated in the article, “It’s the quest for significance,” or is based on personal political views?

King Solomon

An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips. (Proverb 24:26)

For the lips of a strange woman drop as a honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil: (Proverb 5:3)

What’s My Point?

The main economic issue of my concern is the wisdom of using the word “truth” in an article when an economist makes statements using percentages.

For Example

“The stock market is still well above the level on Election Day 2016, with the S&P 500 up by 27percent, But the index rose by 35 percent over Obama’s first term.”

What is being skewed in this statement are two comparison factors.

First, Trump term has been only two years vs. Obama’s term of four years.

Second, the stock market was at its lowest when Obama took office. If for example, your 401K was worth $!000 and it rose 35 percent, the total was $1350 after four years.

The 27 percent rise in the two years of Trump equate to an increase of  trillions of dollars of wealth increase in 401K accounts.

In My Opinion

Some Democrats have publicly stated their goal is to resist Trump policies. As I stated in my previous post that anyone with a manufacturing experience understands it takes years to rebuild manufacturing plants and equipment. Also, the reason trade imbalances are still high is because USA consumers, with the increased wages, still have no choice to spend their money on American made products because of all the manufacturers outsourcing of American jobs.

If Interested

Read the Source Links below. I included one article about using percentages.

You Decide

Which economic, or political party or news media is reporting the real truth or the skewed truth to win the November 6 Election.

If King Solomon read the same articles, would he “ kiss the smooth lips” of any economist who uses percentages in their reports in place of actual numbers?

Is it possible for a radical political economist to skew the truth and factual reality?

Do you believe President Obama or President Trump is responsible for better job and wage growth in the USA economy?

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Understanding Percentages

Chicago Tribune

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