Interested in the difference between an incentive of a spoonful of sugar, or poison profits?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, Pot opponents claim racial disparity, reports Reverend Gregory Seal stated “the legislation (to legalize recreational marijuana) will amount to marihuana white corporate exploiting companies” pimping blacks and Hispanics.”

Statistics of addictive substances indicate that a cigarette smoker addicted to nicotine and living on poverty level classification of income may spend 20 percent of their income to purchase cigarettes.

Statistics on police arrests indicate police arrest a higher percentage of blacks vs. white populations.

The Purpose of This Post

Is not to support or deny the race card issue of how recreational marijuana, rather it is to question how to make any addictive substance use more palatable in the minds of society by making it profitable regardless of race or color of skin.

In other words, how to make something known to be unhealthy to humans appear to become more palatable to swallow even though it harms instead of heals the human body.

Or, to compare the real black vs White of this issue. It is not related to color, rather it is related to wisdom of wickedness vs. righteousness.

King Solomon

Treasures of wickedness profit nothing: but righteousness delivered from death. (Proverb 10:2)

Treasures of wickedness profit nothing, By which are meant either a large abundance of riches in general, which for the most part are enjoyed by wicked men, and abused to wicked purposes, Proverbs 11:4; or an affluence of them, obtained in a wicked way, by fraud, oppression, and the like; 

but righteousness delivered from death; either that which is righteously got, though it be ever so little, is a means of preserving life, and keeps their souls from famishing, Proverbs 10:3; or else what is liberally dispensed, for alms are called “righteousness”, (Source Gils Bible Commentary)

What’s My Point?

If you remember the song verse, “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down,” the verse relates to how adding an incentive of something that tastes good to offset the bad taste of healing medicine. body.

Adding profit as an incentive to pass legislation to make recreational marijuana, a medically proven substance that harms the brains and bodies of users, is an opposite effect.

Same as the above wisdom proverbs compare the opposites of wickedness vs. righteousness.

In other words, regardless of how much sugar incentive (profit) you put in to the issues of recreational marijuana, the profit does not heal the body, same as sugar will not make wickedness become righteous.

Addictive substances which contains nicotine or THC are medically proven harmful substances to the human body which can become an addictivehabit. Once a person becomes drug addict, the probability or risk of harm willincrease and may include not only the addict, but their families, and theircommunities over time.

In My Opinion

Regardless how the profits are distributed, profits used to cure something that could have been avoided is folly.

 Same as obtaining profit and treasure in life will is useless at death.

Wisdom promotes long life, Folly promotes early death, regardless of color of skin.

Wickedness produces folly. Righteousness produces peace, joy, and happiness in our short time of life.

If a child lives in a home where people smoke cigarettes, marijuana, or ingest addictive drugs, the risk of the children emulating their behavior is higher than homes that parents do not, regardless of race or ethnicities.

If Interested

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You decide

Legalized recreational marijuana profits, wisdom or folly, regardless of race or ethnicity.

Should parents be examples for their children to emulate?

Will two wrongs,

  1. Recreational use of addictive drugs,
  2. Making more available to Profit from sale of recreational addictive drugs

Ever result in one right

  1. Healthy mental and physical long life?

If not, why legalize what is wrong and make it more available for users both young and old users?

Regards and good will blogging.

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