Will you discern the ancient wisdom of his funeral choice the same way I have?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, No spotlight for Trump at Bush funeral, reports in one sentence the wisdom of this President.

The Purpose of this Post

Is to explain, in my opinion, the one sentence that indicates to me the ancient wisdom clue of the wisdom and loves this man displayed for his family, friends, and country.

King Solomon

 It is better to enter a house of mourning than a house of feasting, since death is the end of every man, and the living should take this to heart. (Ecclesiastes 7:2)


seeing uponthem all is decreed the decree of death; ‘and the living will lay it to hisheart; by going to the house of mourning, he will be put in mind of death, andwill think of it seriously, and consider his latter end, how near it is; andthat this must be his case shortly, as is the deceased’s he comes to mournfor.   

What’s My Point?

The verse in the article read as follows:

“Presidential funerals are planned years in advance, with even the most mundane details accounted for. Bush, who believe in the dignity of the office, appears to have sided with history in welcoming Trump to attend, preserving decades of tradition when it comes to sitting presidents.

In My Opinion

Reading the news details about all the complaining, personal opinions, political divineness, exclusion, bigotry, madness, and folly taking place all over the world, makes me believe this President made a decision not to exclude anyone from his funeral for a reason.

His reason was to remind everyone to think seriously about “preserving decades of tradition when it comes to presidents,” and the wisdom verse meanings for everyone to consider in their lives.

If Interested,

Read the article in the Source Links and Gils Bible Commentary about the Ecclesiastes versed 7:1-4, and a Previous Post of every human and animal ever born.

You Decide

Was President wise not to exclude anyone from his funeral to remind” everyone to preserve decades of tradition when it comes to presidents.”

Should we all read the ancient wisdom of Ecclesiastes to remind us of King Solomon’s ancient wisdom observations to help us all “wise up?

Will reading Ecclesiastes help us all learn about the certain shared common fates of all man and animals regardless of what level of spotlight will reflect on us when our time comes.

Regards and good will blogging.

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