Should President Trump emulate Rodney Dangerfield’s style?

Trump haters love to read and hear the Media, and the Late-Night Show Clowns shoot out jokes about President Trump regardless of his accomplishments in office.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to imagine President Trump use Rodney Dangerfield’s comedy routine style when he is asked questions by reporters.

King Solomon

18 Like a madman shooting firebrands and deadly arrows, 19 so is the man who deceives his neighbor says, “I was only joking. 20 Without wood, a fire goes out; without gossip, a conflict cease.… (Proverbs 26:18-20)

What’s My Point?

The mainstream media is relentless sour note criticism remarks when they report any news about President Trump.

So, I wonder if President Trump should emulate explain his accomplishments in Press Conferences by emulating Rodney Dangerfield’s style.

For Example

I cut taxes to create jobs and the media complained it was going to increase the National Debt   increased ten trillion dollars by President Obama to help pay people out of work.

I sent the National guard to our borders and the media complain doing so would reduce the number of Democrats voters.

I magically increased manufacturing jobs by 304,000 and the media complained that I did it without the magic wand Obama claimed would be the only way to return livable wage manufacturing jobs to the USA.

I signed an Executive Order for apprentice training for youths to obtain manufacturing skills and the media complained it would prevent youths from going into debt to pay for college so they could work for minimum wages stocking retail stores with goods manufactured in China.

I renegotiated NAFTA trade agreements to balance trade and the press complained that a USA balance trade agreement would prevent Mexico and Canada to fund investment in to build new infrastructures and plants and equipment instead of the USA.

I withdrew from the Paris Environment Accord because the USA would be the only country to follow the accords and the media complained I would be responsible for the ruin of companies selling pollution face masks in China.

“I don’t get no respect” from the media. I tried to help a Democrat old lady cross the street and she hit me with her purse and the media reported she was going to sue me for trying to hold her hand.

Etc. etc.

In My Opinion

There must be some reason why the comedians and the media continually shoot arrows at President Trump rather than report his accomplishments.

I wonder if has anything to do with deceit. power, and a lot of money being made by feeding gossip to Trump haters?

If Interested

Read the Source Link below that lists the accomplishments of President Trump and a Previous Post why he has to toot his own horn. Also, a U Tube of Rodney being interviewed on a TV Late Night show.

You Decide 

Would anything President Trump accomplishes ever satisfy Trump haters?

If President Trump repliedt he way I suggested, would the reporters even smile to help remove thier sour pusses?

Would reporters anger theireditors for not following their instructions to keep firing political gossip arrows and return to reporting meaningful news as they were taught in their journalismclasses. instead of gossip?  

Regards and good will blogging.

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