Should Illinois emulate Michigan, or celebrate they have approved recreational marijuana?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, Michigan and Illinois rivalry to go to pot, reports that pro recreational marijuana interests seem to be concerned to create competition which state goes to Pot first, both figuratively and literally.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to suggest Illinois would be wiser and more profitable over time than Michigan by not passing legalized marijuana laws for the reasons I explain in this post.

King Solomon

If the ax is dull and its edge unsharpened, more strength is needed, but skill will bring success. (Proverb 10:10)


but wisdom is profitable to direct; this is the “excellency” of wisdom, that it puts a man in the right way of doing things, and of doing them right; it directs him to take the best methods, and pursue the best ways and means of doing things, both for his own good and the good of others; and so it is better than strength, (Gills Bible Exposition)

What’s My Point?

Metaphorically instead of sharpening the tool, or attempting to make Illinois residents emulate the folly same as Michigan, Illinois should celebrate instead.

The reason why is Illinois will profit more in the long run by not approving recreational marijuana

For Example,

Illinois is desperate for more money. Instead of incurring costs to legalize, regulate, and police legal and black-market suppliers that will result same as what happens in every other State and Country that legalized recreational marijuana. Instead, continue the present Illinois police use of ticketing users when they violate Illinois laws.

If potheads want to go to Michigan and perhaps drive around in Michigan stoned and cause increased auto accidents, same as what occurs in every other State that legalized marijuana as verified by statistics, it will not be in Illinois.

If potheads prefer to move to Michigan, that’s even better. If a pothead qualifies for various State Aid subsidies, Michigan can pay to provide social services to them when they move to Michigan.

Another pothead result was when recreational pot became legal, more people became users. Medical statistics state a significant percent of users bridge in time to hard drug addicts. States with more drug addicts will have higher crime problems as a result.

Smoking is also a medically proven cause of cancer over time and resultant higher lung cancer treatment costs than Illinois.

Drivers in States that have legalized recreational marijuana will wind up paying higher auto insurance rates than other States.

Etc. etc.

In My Opinion,   

The article implies if Michigan beats out Illinois to legalize recreational marijuana sooner, it will be bad. However, if you discern the consequences as I described above, it will be much wiser and more beneficial to just let all the pot heads move to Michigan.

Illinois by allowing recreational drugs will not result in a pot of gold for teh State.  Illinois laws do not jail users, only sellers. Also, if they arrest sellers, they can actually reduce incentives to sell illegal drugs by impounding their personal cars or assets and auctioning them off to offset hardworking taxpayers to pay for result sad effects that occur to drug users. 

If Interested,

Read the article in the Source Links below along with Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, present laws about use of recreational marijuana. Also, a number of previous posts about his subject.

You Decide

Why legalize recreational marijuana in Illinois, a State with plenty of other social problems to contend with already?

If you have a choice in knowing a recreational marijuana user is going to drive stoned on Michigan rather than Illinois roads, would you really miss them if they drive to Michigan?

Which Sate is figuratively or literally going to go to pot in time if they win this race?

Regards and good will blogging.

Source Links

Chicago Tribune

Neighboring State Marijuana Laws





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