President Trump claims illegal immigrants cost USA taxpayers $250 when it only costs $!35 BILLION DOLLARS a year.

Politico fact check rated Trumps $250 billion a year claim as false.

The Purpose of this Post

Should President Trump be ruined for making a false claim about the cost taxpayers pay every year to subsidized illegal immigrants?  

King Solomon

The wise store up knowledge, but the mouth of a fool invites ruin. (Proverb 10:13)

What’s My Point?

According to the Politico report, it is only costing $135 BILLION a year to pay to subsidize illegal immigrant benefits being paid yearly by taxpayers.

However, if you multiply 135 times 2 it equal $270 BILLION DOLLARS will be paid by USA taxpayers in two years.

If you multiply the past 32 years (1986) when President Reagan granted amnesty to 2 million illegal immigrants which is now estimated as only11 million now, the total cost taxpayers have paid of subsidizing illegal immigrants would in the TRILLIONS of DOLLARS.

Incidental the present National Debt is 21 TRILLLION DOLLARS and growing BY THE SECONDS.

In My Opinion

If you compare the $5 BILLION, he wants Congress to approve to build a wall, just think, it might turn out to be a cost reduction for taxpayers especially if the truth is that 100,000 every 60 days are  presently crossing the border?

If Interested

Read Politico Report in the Source Link Below

You Decide

Who will be the ruined fools according to the above King Solomon Proverb?

Should President Trump be impeached for making a false statement about how soon the wall cost of $5 Billion will pay off for American taxpayers?

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