Is there  a proverbial clue for you to discern if your politician’s choices reveal his or her wisdom and love for their constituents?

Chicago Tribune articles today reported four issues taking place in our Nation.   Politicians are given the authority and responsibility to represent the best interests of their constituents and communities. Many of the choices they make require choices and even sacrifices how to pay for what they promise or what their constituents want.  

The Purpose of This Post

I believe there is a proverbial clue to discerning a politician’s wisdom and love for the people and community they represent.

King Solomon

To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice. (Proverb 21:3)

Proverb Interpretation

In ancient times, people atoned for their sins by sacrificing an animal to God. This proverb advice message is to remind people that their God prefers a person not to sin. In other words, it is better to do right so there is no need to make a sacrifice to atone for the sin after you sin.

A contemporary saying that pertains to this proverb “Love is never having to say you are sorry”.

A contemporize saying to describe wisdom is, “Wisdom is the quality that keeps you from getting into situations where you need it.” 

What’s My Point?

Whether or not a person is a faith believer or an atheist, the proverb contains four words to discern, right, just, acceptable, and sacrifice.

When you chose a politician to represent you, imagine yourself as being a Lord who granted your politician power to make choices for you, same as people believe God gave us the power of free choice.

In My Opinion

If your politician discerns and makes a  choice that can harm you or your loved ones, he or she did not make a right choice based on wisdom and love for their constituents.

If your politician needs to decide what to make lawful that is will harm someone, it is not a right choice regardless of any reasoning.

In other words, you can discern if your politician makes decisions based on wisdom and love if he or she makes choices that are right and not harmful. If the choice is right, there will be no need to atone for the decision they make.

If Interested

Read the Source Links Below and discern the following questions

In the article titled, A Dogs loyalty is real, Cohen’s ‘blind loyalty ‘is not, love and loyalty aside, was Cohen’s decision right to evade income taxes to benefit his clan?

In the article titled, I had to see my son be put in a body bag” her son’s death is the result of drug addiction that began with marijuana and progressed to hard drugs overdose. Most parents cannot control foolish decisions their children may choose to make in time.  Sadly, once a person becomes addicted, they do not always recover in spite of every sacrifice a parent or loved one will sacrifice and make to rid their addiction.

Does your politician support recreational marijuana to be a right choice knowing that there is medical proof marijuana will be a gateway to hard drug addiction for a significant percentage of users? The more available a drug becomes usually results in more users and more sad stories.

In the article titled, Mayor Emanuel, commit your post-City Hall life to pension reform. Was it right for politicians to vote to receive a pension benefit and not fund or amend it over time?

In the article titled, Democrats, the wall is your friend, use it, is it right for politicians to ignore the illegal immigrant problem to persist for over 33 years?

In Other Words,

Is the politician you voted to represent you making choices that are right, and do not require you will have to sacrifice to pay for better pensions far better than you can obtain?

Did you vote for a politician to Lord over you, and now you have to atone and make sacrifices to pay for his or her foolish choices?

You Decide

Why doesn’t our government run secular schools teach courses in wisdom and love to avoid folly to prevent a need to make sacrifices to atone for folly.

School vouchers are right in my opinion to allow parents to choose to have wisdom and love taught to their children.

The proverb of advice was written 3000 years ago, when will we wise up and teach our children to make wise choices and love in their lives?

Regards and good will blogging

Source Links

Chicago Tribune

The Truth about Gateway Drugs and Addiction