The Purpose of This Series of Posts

Is to give examples of how we all are being seduced, same as every generation since the beginning of time. Same as there are seductress and those being seduced, players and those being played, swindlers and fools.

For Example

“It was the observation of one of the tribes of Levi, to whom some person had expressed his astonishment at his being able to sell his damaged and worthless commodities, “That there vast von fool born every minute.” And perhaps the calculation might be brought to the proof, that not more than fifty men of genius are born in half a century.”

King Solomon

The crucible for silver and the furnace for gold, but the LORD tests the heart. (Proverb 17:3)

 Refiners of silver have their fining pots, in which they purify the silver from the dross; and goldsmiths have their crucibles to melt and purify their gold, by which assays of the worth and value of it may be made;

but the Lord trieth the hearts; there is no vessel, as Gersom observes, in which they can be put and tried by creatures; a man does not know, nor can he thoroughly search and try his own heart, and much less the hearts of others; God only knows and tries them, 

What’s My Point?

Who are the “fifty men of genius” that seem to appear in every generation to play upon the hearts of their victims, you and me.

What arrows are they using and where are they aiming their arrows?

In My Opinion

We all have hearts but just can’t seem to discern that we are all victims of the arrows being shot at us to weaken us to become more gullible victims.

The heart pumps vital fluids to our brains, keep this thought in your mind if you decide to read this series of posts. In other words, our hearts are gullible organs used by some genius to prevent us from using our brains.

We are fools being played by what was described in the Bible by a Levi who made the above statement.

Whether that arrow shooter is a genius or something else, you decide when, if ever, we will all wise up? t

You Decide

While the proverb states only the Lord knows the hearts of man, will perhaps this series of posts help us understand and discern with examples how gullible our hearts are and have been targeted over time?

Regards and good will blogging.

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