Why should everyone have a DNA test?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, Genetic Testing and Christmas Surprises, reported the popularity of curious people giving DNA test boxes at Christmas as gifts to discover their heredity.

My wife gave me this birthday present and what I discovered about my heritage turned out to be a popular topic of conversation with family members this Christmas.

The Purpose of this Post

Is to bring up the subject of everyone’s DNA, in the world of human wanderings since the beginning of time, might serve to help make our world a better place.

King Solomon

Rich and poor have this in common: The LORD is the Maker of them all. (Proverb 22:2)


“and they will meet in heaven, and be together to all eternity, where the distinction will cease: and the wicked rich and poor meet together to commit sin; and they meet together in the grave (q), where there is no difference; and they will meet at the bar of God at the last day, and in hell, where they will be together for evermore;”

What’s My Point?

King Solomon wrote this proverb 3000 years ago, since then a human maze of wanderings has occurred since as a result of wars, slavery, poverty, or human quest for a better circumstance, whether it be wealth or religious beliefs.

I wonder if everyone in the world would have a DNA test on themselves, it might help to find out that a lot of ethnic or religious bias that is driving hatred among various people presently separated by borders drawn on maps in the world.

For Example,

In a previous post I explained that everyone living in the Middle East who are killing each other in our contemporary world, may have common blood within them because of King Solomon’s purported taking 700 wives and 300 concubines during his mere 40-year reign.

Might knowing you are killing your own ancient kin perhaps reduce the present violence and killing taking place over the resultant centuries?

In Europe, ditto?

In the USA, ditto?

In Pakistan and India, ditto?

In China, Japan, Korea, Egypt, Africa, Australia, Indonesia, etc. etc. ditto

In My Opinion

If we only spent more time discerning our roots and the real reasons why the history of our world records numerous occurrences of man’s inhumanity to man, perhaps we might wise up to understand our contemporary worlds greatest needs of wisdom and love, instead of wealth and borders is in the following motto of this post.

All humans were created and related to be as brothers and sisters by our Creator.

Thou shalt not Kill.

What the World Needs Now in Addition to Love is Wisdom.

In Interested

Read the article and previous post in the Source Link below.

You Decide

Are you now considering your DNA?

Would it surprise you to know that perhaps, the Person you have a bias or hatred of their ethnicity is your brother or sister over time?

Would it help if President Trump found out he and Elizabeth Warren ancestors sat around the same fire and shared the same peace pipe?

Etc. Etc.

Regards and good will blogging.

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