Will the USA help solve the lack of jobs in India if they can pass an immorality test?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, Young Indians Can’t find work, reports that 19 million young men in India applied for a recent job posting because of lack of available jobs.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to help remedy their job situation by suggesting they do what young men from other countries do to find work.

King Solomon

 “He who works his land will have abundant food, but the one who chases fantasies will have his fill of poverty.” Proverbs 28:19

What’s My Point?

The article states that to apply for the job opening, a young applicant had to take a 90-minute test which he stated “was not as difficult as he feared. If I get a job, it will be worth it.”

What he needs to do is pass the same test 20 million illegal immigrants in the USA have done to obtain work instead of staying home dreaming fantasies of moving out of poverty.

They either crossed the USA borders illegally or they boarded a plane or boat to the USA and did not return.

Instead, they found a job in the USA, got married, probably had an anchor baby and prospered better than they could have in their birth home countries.

Why Not?

The present leader of the USA House of Representatives has stated that it is immoral to not allow anyone who cannot find a job or have an opportunity for a better life to enter the USA illegally.

While some USA citizens may resent you for taking their jobs or having an effect on stagnating their wages, many USA politicians will welcome you because they have faith when you are granted amnesty, you will vote for them to remain in office because there are no term limits.

Many of these host politicians have never worked in any industry other than government. For Example, Nancy Pelosi has been in office since 1987, Chuck Schumer since 1981, Dick Durbin since 1983.or all three range 35 to 40 years of years of never having worked in private industry.

The last time illegal immigration was addressed by lawmakers was in 1986 that granted amnesty to all illegal immigrants in the USA. Since then, which coincidently all three of the leader’s terms have been in office, illegal immigration has never been resolved.

Obviously, these three leaders’ records seem to indicate they prefer open borders, globalism, and amnesty in time because of their belief to do anything to impede immigration into the USA is immoral, even if it is illegal.


You better not wait too much longer because our current President Trump, who incidentally only ran once for a political office and won the highest office in the USA, mainly because of the ineffectiveness of long-term empty suit politicians.

He is hell-bent on ending illegal immigration, and providing jobs to get people working in the USA to be paid livable wages in order for them to pay taxes again instead of qualifying for government free social services.

Also, he wants the three million former USA manufacturing jobs that were outsourced to other nations as a result of unfair trade agreements by politicians who never worked in private industry. They believed it was best for USA workers to be paid less working in service industry’s or retail stores stocking shelves with goods manufactured in other countries.

Don’t Delay

President Trump, if he survives the current attack being waged at him by a host of empty suit politicians. Empty suits phrase is based on their records of attempting to revive the USA economy for the last ten years.

They failed because they believed it was wise to borrow money to pay to subsidize USA workers reduced incomes.   President Trump has borrowed money also, however his policy is to reduce taxes for both businesses and workers.

By doing so, in just two years has spurred the lowest unemployment percentages and the highest economic growth in the USA in less than two years in office.

So, do not delay, if he survives the latest political fury of attempting to build a barrier to prevent most South Americans from entering the USA, he may find time next to work on illegal immigrants entering on planes and ships t and overstaying their visas.

Here is How to Become an Illegal Immigrant

  1. Just enter the USA anyway or anywhere you can. Either Mexico, Canada, or just fly in on a visa, or any port on a ship.
  2. Once you enter, you can choose to apply for a temporary green card by saying you are requesting asylum to prevent being harmed in your country by gangs or whoever you can dream up. .
  3. By doing this, once you are granted asylum, you will be released, become eligible for government free social services such as rent subsidies, food stamps, health care until such time as your court time which is presently about four years. However, if all 19 million young men in India flood into the USA, the court times will probably stretch out to perhaps ten years.
  4. Or, if you just do nothing and do not get arrested for some violent act and live in a sanctuary city or State, you can work for as long as you like, No one will ever ask you for proof of citizenship because that is unlawful.
  5. The best State to go to is California because the whole State is a Sanctuary State and needs lots of farm workers or computer workers which many young men have these skills. They just passed a law to give free health care for all illegal immigrants and previously passed laws to pay for their all their education through college.
  6. The best insurance to prevent ever being deported is to have a baby who will automatically become a citizen and entitled to all kinds of social benefits to help support your families. The best part is when your baby grows up, he or she can legally petition you to obtain legal status along with all your relatives.
  7. Keep in mind, according to the above King Solomon proverb, you will have to work hard once you are in the USA on jobs that USA citizens do not like doing because it might reduce their own government social benefits, they obtain from not working.
  8. Also keep in mind, being illegal may mean you may have to work and be paid cash wages “under the table” so you won’t have to pay taxes. However, most employers who pay you this way will pay you lower wages and tell you that they are a better value because you won’t have to pay taxes.

Where to Obtain More Information

Just google any subject and all the laws and entitlements you will be eligible for once you cross the border into the USA.

Some key words to use are catch and release, government subsidies for illegal immigrants. Sanctuary cities and States.Free Health Care, Food Stamp Requirements, Drivers Licenses for non-citizens, or anything of interest to your coming into the USA, and to prevent USA citizens from ever doing anything immoral against illegal immigrants.

If Interested

Read the article and a previous posts about a USA legislator who stated it is immoral to try to stop illegal immigrants from entering the USA.

You Decide

Present USA immigration laws and enforcement and politics, wise or foolish, moral or immoral?

After reading this post, do you feel more moral for the choice you made of a political candidate or party?

Do you wonder if the reason you voted for a political party is because of the news you heard or read about the immoral behavior of President Trump?

Regards and good will blogging,   

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