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Who really will suffer if the government shuts down and what to do about it?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, Compromise unlikely on Government shutdown, reports there will be a government shutdown.

If you are a federal worker who will be affected by government shutdown, you may be looking forward to the looming shutdown because you were paid even though you did not work during the 2013 government shutdown. Not a bad deal especially during the holiday season, in my opinion.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to question the fairness of who really gets hurt during agovernment shutdown and to suggest a fair remedy other than to point fingers ifblame for not solving a 35-year-old problem.


When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan. (Proverb 29:2)

 If a king judges the poor with fairness, his throne will be established forever. (Proverb 29:14)

What’s My Point?

The reason for the shutdown is politicians refuse to solve the 35-year-old problem of securing our borders.

If the shutdown occurs, we will all be listening to the news and politicians point fingers at each other who to blame for a government, However, in the last 2013 shutdown, all the government workers were paid in time. The only ones who were treated unfairly were private industry employees.

In My Opinion

What to do if another shutdown occurs is to ask Congress to voluntarily not be paid until they solve the 33-year-old problem persisting since 1983.

As for everyone else in both government and private industry, they all do the same thing union employees on strike must do to obtain money during a strike. That is to stand outside every employer door with signs to protest the unfairness of a government shutdown because of only one reason.

The reason being that Congress refuses to solve a 35-year-old problem that has been allowed to persist because voters allow them to point fingers at each other instead of solving this problem.

Not compromise, fix!

Frankly, the reason this problem is not solved is because we voters who are not government employees, are fools to allow Congress to treat us unfairly.

Three thousand years ago, King Solomon observed in the above proverbs that the wicked will thrive on unfairness. And the righteous will groan until the throne is no longer established,

In other words, if voters don’t start groaning big time about solving the 33-year-old problem, it will persist until our Republic is no longer established.  

If Interested

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You Decide

Do you believe as a voter that Congress and government workers should be treated in the same fair manner as private industry workers will be treated if the government shuts down?

If you are a plumber working in private industry, do you think it is possible you would still be employed if you told your boss you could not fix a leaking faucet for 33 years?

Not Compromise, Fix!

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Source Links

Chicago Tribune


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