What would King Solomon do when two powerful people could not come to an agreement?

The present government shutdown as a result of President Trump and Nancy Pelosi’s “game of thrones” brought to my mind the ancient remedy used by King Solomon to end a stalemate.

Stalemate Definition Merriam- Webster

a drawing position in chess in which a player is not in checkmate but has no legal move to play


deadlockgridlockhaltimpasselogjam, Mexican standoffstandoffstandstill

 The Purpose of This Post

Is to use the same suggestion on another seemingly untenable stalemate solution to bring closure to the “Mexican standoff’ which appears ironically to be a synonym of the word stalemate.

In My Opinion

We used this same method when we were kids when we had to decide how to end a game stalemate and it worked.

The two “powerful opponents” need to do the same to start up government, and end the “Mexican Standoff.”

What happens after they use King Solomon’s solution, only God knows?

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You Decide

Wise or Foolish?

If you agree with the method, should Congress make it part of the rules on future untenable stalemates?

Regards and good will blogging.

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