Interested in how the ancient judgment of King Solomon could solve the present stalemate in Congress and make everybody “happy?”

In a previous Post titled, King Solomon, Untenable Stalemate on a “Mexican Standoff?” I presented one proposed solution.

Perhaps this alternative “vision” to keep the laws of our Nation from perishing and make everybody happy?

The Purpose to This Post

Is to present a second ancient alternative to bring to a climax the present Congressional stalemate, based on the ancient wisdom method of King Solomon’s judgement.

The Biblical story comes to its climax when King Solomon ordered the boy to be cut in half, resulted to resolve the dispute of who was the real mother of the baby.

You decide if this ancient alternative would also bring to a climax the thirty-three-year-old saga of solving the question of illegal immigration, whether it is unlawful or immoral, that is now dividing our nation.

King Solomon

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that kept the law, happy is he.(Proverb 29:18)


It appears to me that one half of our nation believes it is immoral to wall off our nations borders to prevent people from seeking a better life. They believe and vote for sanctuary cities in their communities.

The other one-half wants our immigration laws to be obeyed and resents having to pay their hard-earned tax money to support illegal immigrants and/or cause their wages to stagnate. They resent sanctuary communities’ laws.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government is legally responsible to be the only lawful agency to maintain immigration laws has become a target of hatred by one half the nation.

What’s the” Vision?”

In the upcoming census, keep the box to be checked that asks if a resident is a legal citizen and keep the census records.

Allow State voters to decide if they want sanctuary communities for illegal immigrants.

If they approve sanctuary communities, or not, so be it.

However, if they do, no federal tax funds will be allowed or appropriated to subsidize social services for illegal immigrants.

What’s My Point?

The previous post solution is another similar method we used as kids to solve game stalemates based on another method to end stalemates. When somebody wanted to do things their way only, they were told the following.

“Put up or Shut up!”

In other words, the USA voter laws are based on an electoral system to represent all the communities in the USA equally to prevent the numerical weight of one segment of voters requiring other communities to obey their values.

If for example, California voters wants sanctuary cities and believe it is moral, allow them to put up or shut up with their taxes funds instead of making other voters pay.

That is exactly what is being done now and has been approved by the Supreme Court for public schools. The court has ruled that a family objects to what is morally wrong to them to be taught to their children in a public school, they have the choice of removing their kids to a private school. However, they must continue paying taxes to the public schools.

In other words, when parents’ morals are brought up for legal consideration, they must make a choice to “put up or shut up.”

As for the census checkbox to declare if a citizen or not, that will prevent a sanctuary community for obtaining both more Federal funding and additional Legislators to represent their “moral” values based on illegal immigrants’ presence in their communities.

If an illegal immigrant lives in a non-sanctuary community and/or breaks a law in another State, deport the individual to the sanctuary State they chose or want to live and let those voters deal with them.

In My Opinion

The territory of the USA is big enough to allow individual communities voters to decide this saga for over 33 years.

Since the Democrats obviously want to do is continue keep talking about the saga for another 33 years,

What the GOP wants to do is enforce the present laws.

Let the voters decide same as parents must decide about schools that offend their morality, same as the mother decided in the Bible story,” put up, or shut up.”

Then either put up with illegal immigrants because of your moral values, or shut up and move away.

If Interested

Read two previous posts about the issues of illegal immigrants and schools in the USA?

You Decide

Wise or Foolish Vision?

Just or unjust Vision?

Moral or immoral “Vision?”

Would this “Vision” make you happy?

Regards and good will blogging.   

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