What does much faster than thought mean?

In a previous post titled, King Solomon, Our Present Sixth World Extinction, Wisdom or Folly? I brought up the subject of how world ice melting will raise sea levels five feet.

Yesterday weather news reported a polar vortex in the weather will plunge temperatures in areas of the USA. The news also reported Greenland ice is melting four times faster than reported along with a bunch of news about the current rulers in the USA   Trump/Pelosi Stalemate about illegal immigration may affect the Superbowl.

The Purpose of This Post

To point out how trivial the news reports on current affairs in comparison to Greenland Ice Melting will sadly occur when later news reports 50 percent of the population living along world ocean coastlines will cause a mass migration to inland areas will islands disappear.

King Solomon, Ecclesiastes Chapter Seven Excerpt

When times are good, be happy;
    but when times are bad, consider this:
God has made the one
    as well as the other.
Therefore, no one can discover
    anything about their future.

15 In this meaningless life of mine I have seen both of these:

the righteous perishing in their righteousness,
    and the wicked living long in their wickedness.
16 Do not be overrighteous,
    neither be overwise—
    why destroy yourself?
17 Do not be overwicked,
    and do not be a fool—
    why die before your time?
18 It is good to grasp the one
    and not let go of the other.
    Whoever fears God will avoid all extremes.[a]

19 Wisdom makes one wise person more powerful
    than ten rulers in a city.

What’s My Point?

Think about the above King Solomon verses, then think about this 1930 hit song except change the word “pink” to “drink.”

As for Trump/Pelosi stalemate, someday perhaps you will look back at this issue and laugh at how trivial the matter was while you are piling up sandbags around your house.

If Interested

Link into the song and sing along. If still interested, read the other following links and then decide as you have a drink while floating in an old tire innertube.

You Decide

Why worry about ice melting since King Solomon verse states “no one can discover the future”

Should we have considered the last above King Solomon’s verse and did something about it instead of spending my time reading the triviality in the news reports?

Or should I just sit back and watch the ice melt, and do what the song recommends?.

Regards and good will blogging.

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