Is the objective logic reason for the stalemate wise, foolish, or something else?

I don’t know about you, but I am fed up with reading and listening to the news about the government shutdown.  Is the shutdown somehow related to wisdom or folly of a man or a woman, or a sexist bias in a leadership role?

 If not based on a sexist bias, what is an objective logic reason for the stalemate?

The Purpose of this Post

Is to explore the ancient wisdom of King Solomon’s wisdom to try to understand why the current shutdown is a result of the minds, or genders, or something else?

The answer to test the logic cannot be subjective, it must brave an objective test to measure…

King Solomon  

Fight your own case with your neighbor, and do not reveal another’s confidences. (Proverb, 25:9) 

There should be a direct and honorable confrontation, and resort should not be had to devious and cowardly maneuvers in which others are used as cats’ paws. 

What’s My Point?

King Solomon personified both wisdom and folly as a woman.

“The personification of both wisdom and folly as two different women presents the benefits of wisdom and the judgment associated with folly. A woman of wisdom benefits her husband, just as a woman of folly can destroy a husband.”

To solve this riddle, I believe we need to first decide if the role of Pelosi based in her role of being a Goddess of Wisdom, or a woman of folly trying to destroy? Or in our contemporary world where sexist bias is not legal, the same role criteria must apply to Trump.

If it is wisdom, I wonder what the logic is to reopen the government before discussing a border wall. That is because politicians have been discussing illegal immigration ever since the last amnesty. That was in 1986 which was supposed to end illegal immigration and obviously has not worked based on the new estimate 25 million more illegal immigrants being in the USA.

In other words, what makes Pelosi or any politician wise or logical believe that discussing this issue for 33 years did not work before, why will it work now?

If her role is folly, who or what is she trying to destroy? Her dislike for Trump is obvious, but if she succeeds in destroying Trump, will that solve the illegal immigration problem?

In My Opinion

The real answer to describe the stalemate reason of the politicians taking 33 years to discuss this issue is related to both wisdom and folly.  

Both Pelosi and Trump as leaders are using the government workers same as cats’ paws in the above proverb.

Both would fail the objective test for being in violation of the 5th objection reason because of the effect is having on our Nation for not solving this issue.

If Interested,

Read the previous post and discern the answer to whar is “something else?”

You Decide

Do you agree the test criteria is objective?

If so, which one’s logic, will subject him or her, or both, to incur the word that describes their actions for violating the 5th objective test listed to the effect of our Nation.

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