Does this game accurately describe this present USA Border Policy?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, reported President Trump has ended the policy of catch and release for illegal immigrants.

President Trump

“We have nowhere left to house them and no way to promptly remove them. We can get them out because our laws are so obsolete, so antiquated, and so bad. Without new resources from Congress, we will be forced to release these people into communities, something we don’t want to do called catch and release. You catch them, even if they are criminals, and then release them. And you can’t release them from where they came so they go into our country and end up in places you would least suspect. And we do as little releasing as possible, but they’re coming by the hundreds of thousands.”

The Purpose of this Post

Is to remind us of a game of hide and seek we play with kids that is similar to the present “game” of “catch and release.”

King Solomon

The power to charm a snake does you no good if it bites you anyway. (Ecclesiastes 10:11)


and a babbler is no better; a whisperer, a backbiter, a busy tattling body, that goes from house to house, and, in a private manner, speaks evil of civil governments, of ministers of the word, and of other persons; and; in a secret way, defames men, and detracts from their characters: such an one is like a venomous viper, a poisonous serpent or adder; and there is no more guarding against him than against such a creature that bites secretly.

Woe to thee, O land, when thy king is a child, and thy princes eat in the morning!  (Ecclesiastes 10:12)


and the difference between the words of wise men, which express grace and kindness, and are amiable and acceptable to men; and those of fools, which destroy themselves, begin in folly, and end in mischief; are noisy, and without meaning; do not direct to things most plain and easy, but wearisome and fatiguing to themselves and others,   Next the unhappiness of a land is observed, when the governors of it are childish, intemperate, slothful, and prodigal; the happiness of a country when it is the reverse,

What’s My Point?

Congress is supposed to be comprised of wise mature legislators to govern our Nation,

When we were kids, the game of hide and seek was fun and entertaining. Congress is having fun allowing the same game to be played by our present border guards while at the same time we spend billions of dollars patrolling the borders to catch illegal immigrant hide as they cross the border.

In My Opinion

There are supposedly 800,000 illegal immigrants waiting for their court appearance date and statements have been made that 90 percent never show up anyway. Four Years is Plenty of time to marry and have an anchor baby that may make the family eligible for US benefits since any child born in the USA is a citizen.

When they don’t show up, we spend billions on dollars to fund ICE agents to seek them out to then bring before a judge to decide if we should deport them. If so, we pay to transport them back assuming their countries allow us to do so. China won’t allow the USA to return anyone.

We taxpayers are fools for allowing this game to continue since 1986, 33 years after President Raegan granted amnesty to two million illegal immigrants which turn out to be over four and one half million.

President Raegan proposal was to not allow USA employers to employ illegal immigrants obviously failed. The latest estimates of 25 million illegal immigrants in the USA are evidence of the useless policies of our supposed wise mature legislators.’

If Interested

Read in the Source Links below a previous post which hopefully take place in the next three weeks in Congress.

You Decide

Will our representatives in Congress prove to be wise and mature? Or will the play hide and seek the same at taxpayers’ expense same as we played as kids?

Do some of our legislators appear to you as taxpayers to have the same characterizes as a snake in the above Ecclesiastes 10:11 Excerpt?

Are we taxpayers happy feeling the same about Congress allowing the game of hide and seek at the border or feeling the same as explained in above Ecclesiastes 10:12 above Excerpt?

Will the game change on this issue in the next three weeks in Congress or to continue for another 33 years?

Will Congress hide or seek a compromise in this coming Week One?

Regards and good will blogging.

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