Interested in the latest news on the progress of the Committee to resolve the contentious Pelosi/Trump wall funding issue?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, Talks over border wall show a flicker of hope, reports optimism of the meeting may hopefully produce a compromise between the Senate and House members.

Perhaps President Trump’s SOTU 76 percent viewer favorability ratings taken during his speech may have helped motivate the Committee?

The Purpose of This Post

Is to update this issue which appears to me to be related to a proverbial a “muddled spring” righteous vs. wicked, issue?   

Or a fickle political Democrat vs. Republican issue?

Or a common sense vs. foolish issue?

King Solomon

A righteous man falling down before the wicked is as a troubled fountain, and a corrupt spring. (Proverb 25:26)

Gils Bible Commentary

A righteous man falling dozen before the wicked, either falling into calamity and distress by means of the wicked man, through his malice and cunning, and which be seeing, rejoices at; or crouching unto him, bowing before him, yielding to him, not daring to oppose or reprove him; or falling into sin in his presence, which he ever after  

feet of men or beasts; so that; he who was before as a clear spring of flowing water, a fountain of justice to his neighbors, from whom good doctrine and wholesome advice flowed, is now of no use by instruction for example, but the contrary.

What’s My Point?

The above proverb is advice not to allow the wicked to spoil righteous behavior.

However, the same premise of advice can be applied to any issue, in my opinion.

For Example,

To me, this issue how to best secure the border, which has been broken for over 32 years, yet never fixed by Congress, is because we allowed Congress to “muddy up our spring” when we yielded, or allowed Congress to never solve the problem of illegal immigration.

For example, President Raegan’ promised his 1986 amnesty would be the last amnesty ever required because the government would solve the problem by preventing employers from hiring illegal immigrants, which everyone knows is the main reason why illegal immigrants disobey USA border laws.

That did not seem to work out based on current estimates of the present numbers of illegal immigrants that vary from 11 up to 40 million now are living in the USA.

In My Opinion,

The wall has now become necessary because Congress refuses to act on the present loopholes in our immigration laws. Word has spread all over the world that all anyone needs to do is somehow get into the USA, bring in a child, or have a baby in the USA, or ask for asylum in order to stake their claim to reduce the risks of being deported as long as they remain lawful

The statements that the USA is a country of immigrants and it is immoral to not allow them to enter conveniently overlooks the history of the migrants who migrated by the millions in the last century.

When they migrated to America, relatives, friends, or charities helped support and assimilate the immigrants. Not taxpayers, and government benefit programs with living subsidies that are available to them today even if they are illegal immigrants.

In other words, feed them and they will come.

As for me, if our politicians are inconsistent or fickle about whether to secure our borders and enact common sense laws or enforcement, perhaps we should invite everyone into the USA from all over the world on one condition. That they all reside in California where voters agree they want their State to be a sanctuary for them.

I believe the majority of immigrants are willing to work and will make good citizens.    

Of course, it would make better sense to know who the people are not criminals or terrorists and if they are healthy to prevent spreading communicable diseases while traveling to California. Then again, California is considering free healthcare to its residents even though the State has over a trillion dollars of debt.

If interested,

Read the Previous Posts in the Source Links Below about the game of illegal immigration “hide and seek”.

You Decide

Is Congress purposely “mudding up” this issue because we voters yield to them about this issue?

Does Congress record of 32 years of overlooking illegal immigration indicate to you there is a miscommunication problem when voters chose President Trump to solve the issue because of the choices of career politicians who ran against him in 2016?

Do you believe taxpayers and government funding, rather than relatives and sponsors, and charities that provided for past immigrants who legally entered the USA?  

Regards and good will blogging.

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