Would we voters and our Nation benefit more if Congress was replaced with a Computerized Artificial Intelligence Program?

Artificial intelligence,

“the first humanlike intelligence will not be idle, but instead it will prove to be very busy. It will quickly in weeks, days, and maybe hours – evolve into an incompressible superintelligence, a creation far superior to us, on that will levelheaded little use for humans.” (Crucible)

Definition of AI, Artificial Intelligence Merriam-Webster

1a branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers

2the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior

King Solomon

A sluggard is wiser in his own eyes than seven people who answer discreetly (Proverb 26:16)


The sluggard is wiser in his own conceit, it is a sort of a solecism, a kind of a contradiction in terms for a sluggard to be wise, who is so slothful as to make no use of the means of getting wisdom and knowledge. And it must be a mere conceit in him that he is wise, and especially that he is wiser

than seven men that can render a reason; not alluding to the number of a king’s counsellors, who return him an answer to what he inquires of them, as Abend Ezra thinks; such as were the “seven” princes of the king of Persia, (Gils Commentary)

What’s My Point?

When a problem persists for 33 years, the only reason is Congress can “no longer render a reason.”

This ancient proverb explains that in ancient times a King could obtain an answer from his seven Prince counselors who helped him make decisions.

We no longer have answers to counsel our legislators in Congress based on one problem that has persisted for 33 years.

However, we now do have access to powerful computers instead. Computers capable of making quick simple decisions in nanoseconds with simple coding instructions that has progressed into a powerful facility identified as artificial intelligence.

Which now exists and has been making decisions such as giving directions, processing orders in the stock market, predicting weather, guiding us in space, etc. etc etc.

In My Opinion,

Forty years ago, I took a course in Basic Coding of Computers, which today could be considered the same time period as the invention of the wheel in comparison to today’s powerful computer coding capabilities.

Frankly though, a simple Basic Computer Code facility of “If Then” could easily replace the Seven ancient Persian Counselor Princes as well as the entire Congress, in my opinion.

For Example, on Illegal Immigration

In a previous post, I stated,

 “For example, the one article states immigrants all know the vulnerability of the law and now bring a child when crossing the border so as to be freed to wander the USA until a case hearing now in excess of 800,000.”

Instead of stationing thousands of border patrols and the military as what is now being done to catch and then release and illegal immigrant until a court hearing, the simple “If Then” Program Code would resolve this fiasco with this simple code.

If x is greater than 1, then x = o

X is any illegal immigrant.

In other words, since illegal immigrants all know now that if they bring a child with them when the cross the border, instead of sending more troops to play hide and seek, only to release the person that the illegal immigrant they find hiding, change the law to not allow any illegal entry into the USA for any reason until the border is secured, or immigration policies that work are effected.

If y is greater than 1, and a = (List of Congress Non- Approved Countries), then y= 0

Y is any asylum seeker

Only accept asylum applications from Congress approved Countries which contain specific agreed to reasons in accordance to USA laws in accordance to UDHR following clause.

The 1951 Convention does not define how States parties are to determine whether an individual meets the definition of a refugee. Instead, the establishment of asylum proceedings and refugee status determinations are left to each State party to develop. This has resulted in disparities among different States as governments craft asylum laws based on their different resources, national security concerns, and histories with forced migration movements. Despite differences at the national and regional levels, the overarching goal of the modern refugee regime is to provide protection to individuals forced to flee their homes because their countries are unwilling or unable to protect them.

Or in other words, quit debating for 33 years and make a simple decision.

The present law is an incentive loophole which needs to be changed instead of debating endlessly about walls or whatever we are now doing. And in spite of all our border agents,  is still not working to prevent illegal immigration, and/or  drugs or reentry after being deported,from entering the southern borders.

If Interested,

Read the source links below and previous posts.

You Decide,

Should Congress be replaced with a computer program?

Would a computer program speed up making simple decisions that Congress cannot seem to be capable of making?

Would artificial intelligence make better more intelligent decisions than the present decision making of Congressional sluggards that has resulted in anywhere from 11 million to 40 million illegal immigrants in the USA?

Or 22 Trillion Dollars National Debt?

Or the present signs of political anger causing psychotic loss of reality as described in previous post?

Or any other computer “If Then” computer coding on a mired of other issues plaguing a Congress “sluggard” unable or “not intelligent enough” to comprehend how to solve a simple problem for 33 years?

Regards and good will blogging.

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33 Years

The time period since President Reagan granted last amnesty in 1986 with a promise to end illegal immigration ever again by making it unlawful to hire an illegal immigrant.

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