Should the CDC and investigative reporters be politically correct when they report and point fingers at who is responsible for the measles outbreak?

A Chicago Tribune columnist wrote an article titled, “Paul’s weak case against mandatory vaccines hurts measles outbreak efforts,” report his views about people who choose not to be vaccinated and wind up with a preventable communicable disease. I agree with his premise about everybody needs to be vaccinated to prevent spread of deadly communicable diseases.,

However, his article never reports who is ground zero responsible for the outbreak. Rumors in another news articles claim it is politically incorrect to ask if illegal immigrants caused the outbreak.

The news article ends with this question.

“Let’s at least get the data. Let’s at least ask the questions. Let’s see if there’s some connection. I’d like to know — wouldn’t you?”

Other articles bring up the possibilities of travelers legal or illegal.

King Solomon

 An honest witness tells the truth, but a false witness tells lies. (Proverbs 12:17)

What’s My Point?

Who to believe or trust anymore what is the truth or a lie in an era of political correctness?

In My Opinion

This report should have mentioned some information of who or what is the ground zero cause of the current measles outbreak.

One thing for certain, the truth
by all reputable news media. of whatever reason or whoever is ground zero should always be reported regardless of political correctness on any communicable disease for reasons of public safety

If Interested,

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You Decide

Should political correctness be a factor not to report the truth by reputable news media?

Are News Media another form of being a witness to an event?

Can political correctness be another form of a lie?

Should USA Center of Disease Control CDC report the truth and not be bound by political correctness?

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