If anyone is interested, read and post your comments to answer Tom’s question.

I posted mine and frankly doubt it will make the news waves about this issue for the reasons I stated.

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Citizen Tom

In my last post, JUST HOW MUCH SHOULD WE TRUST OUR LEADERS? — PART 2, we considered the possibility that our elites don’t seem to care much about the people they rule, us. What didn’t we consider? Timely examples. Here is one.

We have a Christian heritage. Quite a few of us still go to church on Sunday. Is it not odd that the so-called mainstream news media does not contain reports about the persecution of Christians? It is happening, but have you heard about it? That’s the topic here: Where is the reporting of Christian massacres around the world? (bunkerville.wordpress.com, 19 Mar 2019). Here are are stories that provide additional perspective.

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