Should Congress also applaud equal taxes for USA?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, Congress applauds NATO chief, reported bipartisan Congressional support for, “NATO allies must spend more on defense.”

Each of the 29 members are supposed to spend 2 percent of their GNP on defense. In other words, Congress believes in equal taxation of all members.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to question why a bipartisan Congress supports, even applauds, equal taxation percentage for NATO, but not for the USA?

King Solomon’s Accomplishments

“The system was fair and just, distributing the tax burden evenly over the entire country.”

What’s My Point?

In current news, there is a movement identified as Democrat Socialists which have goals to make changes, they believe will benefit the majority of USA better. They propose to fund their ideas by increasing taxes on those who can afford to pay more taxes. The risk is to add even more divisiveness in the USA than the present because what they consider as rich will have to include 50 percent of present taxpayers since what they are proposing can never be paid if the taxes rate for the richest was increased to 90 percent.

In a previous post, I explained that the total taxes presently being paid by 50 percent of Americans only amounts to 3 percent of the total taxes paid to the federal Government. That means that the other 50 percent pay 97 percent of all Federal Taxes.

In My Opinion

If a bipartisan Congress applauds the idea of equal taxation for NATO, they should applaud the idea of equal taxation for the USA.

If Interested

Read the articles and a previous post on equal taxation.

You Decide,

Will the National Debt continue to grow as the only means to fund the present Federal spending authorized by Congress?

Will the 50 percent of taxpayers applaud Democrat Socialism when they find out they are the ones who must continue to pay higher taxes for the 50 percent now who pay no Federal Taxes.

Does the idea of Socialism promote better or worse incentives for greater accomplishment of individuals and Nation?

Or does the idea of Socialism promote more reliance on government than individuals?

If after reading the articles and previous posts, do they make better common sense on fair and just Federal Taxation that would be applauded by a bipartisan Congress same as they applauded the idea for NATO?

Regards and good will blogging.

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