Interested in the answer to “What are the missing elements to answer this riddle of politician’s promise of Medicare for all?

The Purpose of This Post

In the previous post I gave a clue that the activist politicians proposing Medicare for All are just not capable of solving this riddle because of their limited experiences of working in private industry.

 In other words, the earring proverb states they will probably not listen to a rebuke of their idea of Medicare for All because having never experienced having medical insurance offered in private industry over a long period of time. Frankly they may not understand the missing elements in their plan that provides incentives in private medical insurance that will be absent in Medicare for All.

King Solomon

To receive the instruction of wisdom, justice, and judgment, and equity; (Proverb 1:3)

Lazy people want much but get little, but those who work hard will prosper. (Proverb 13:4)

 A laborer’s appetite toils for him, his mouth urges him on. (Proverb 16:26)

What’s My Point?

In a Nation where 50 percent only pay 3 % of Federal Taxes, and the other 50 percent pay 97 %, it is apparent that equity of taxation is a problem causing divisiveness by working taxpayers.

The question of wisdom of righteousness, wisdom, just taxation to obtain equal medical benefits even if a person is too lazy to work, or makes foolish life choices that are medically proven to cause health problems that will require higher premiums. These higher premiums are paid by people who work and/or choose not to make foolish choices leads to another missing problem causing diverseness by taxpayers.

Medicare for All, without incentives to make wise health choices lacks another missing element, incentives to not make foolish lifestyle choices.

My point is that a person who works for an employer who offers medical benefit insurance acts as an incentive for people to work in order to obtain medical benefits.

When you take away incentives to work by giving the same medical benefits to everyone whether they work or not, and then make people who work pay, not only do you destroy incentives to work, you actually add negative incentives for people to engage in making foolish health choices because they do not fear the consequences of the health risks if they believe they will obtain the free health care.

The primary reasons every experiment in Socialism either fails in time, or the people do not have the same freedoms and Rights as in the USA. The failures of lack of equity, righteousness, wisdom, just taxation and incentives to reward work and making wise rather than foolish personal life choices in their lifetime.

When people bring up socialized medicine works in other countries, why not the USA, they are not comparing apples to apples in in quality of health care, populations, freedom of choice, natural resources, cost of health care, or the present 22 trillion dollars of National Debt. The folly of the mounting present debt and spending is presently limiting dollars which might be available for social benefits because of the one half trillion-dollar interest payments paid every year to holders of USA Debt.

In My Opinion

I personally would prefer free medical care be available to everyone. However, reality is that our Nation is fiscally out of control on debt to subsidize more added social programs at this time.

While many believe there is inequity in wages and that health care is a Right, they are for the most part politicians making Progressive interpretations of the Constitution. And probably long-term politicians who failed to control the staggering National Debt that will in time result in uncontrolled inflation of the dollar.

I also personally believe that people born with a preexisting medical condition and not the result of their risky or foolish lifestyle choices should have special consideration for subsidized paid medical insurance to reduce costs

For example,

If a person is born with an inherited asthma condition instead of an asthma condition brought about by choosing to smoke cigarettes or marijuana.

Or if a person chooses to take recreational drugs and becomes a drug addict?

Or if born with HIV/AIDS, or a lifelong sexual transmitted disease instead of ignoring use of protective devices.

If a person refuses vaccinations of communicable diseases.

In other words, should working people have to pay higher medical costs to subsidize care for diseases caused by foolish choices instead of inherited diseases. Private insurance companies will charge higher premiums to compensate the inequities of individual lifestyle choices, wheras government will not.


In my opinion, nothing in life is simple, and there will always be exceptions to be considered in life. This includesfor exceptions for every person born into family and/or community failures of society, not of their choice. Whether private charities or government are a wiser better choice to help people in need is another topic which needs to be addressed as a separate topic.

We know government social welfare involvement costs and involvement has grown and increased substantially in size and cost since the 1930’s New Deal. We also know that private charities and schools are not only less costly, are or may be more effective than government programs in many instances.

Another separate topic is we need to consider our Nation as a community. When foolish personal choices are considered Rights of free choice weigh on working taxpayers to become responsible to work to pay taxes to support people who make foolish choices.  

Medical and drug costs increase over time far higher than general costs increases is another separate topic.

The Answer to the Riddle

What is needed in the USA to address the Perils of Medicare for All that we will probably never hear from any politician who fears they will never be elected if they address these elements in a frank and truthful discussion.  

  1. Individuals sacrifice for the overall benefit of the community of our Nation,
  2. Fiscal reality of the costs of wise or foolish individual life choices.

If Interested,

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You Decide

Will Medicare for All be the turn out to be the biggest political and fiscal economic disaster in American History?

Would fear of having to pay for making foolish health choices provide incentives to reduce preventable medical conditions?

Do you trust government politicians to provide a better health care than your private employer plan based on the fiscal results of Obamacare?

Since Medicare is already in fiscal doo doo, will incorporating everyone to have access to the same benefits instead of paying into a separate fund remedy the present doo doo, or deplete the Medicare fund faster?

Do you believe the politicians proposing Medicare for All would consider this message to be? “Like an earring of gold or an ornament of fine gold is the rebuke of a wise judge to a listening ear?” (Proverb 25:12)

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