Will Congress ignore the bomb or allow it to explode?

Congress remains ambivalent to the 22 Trillion Dollar National Debt consequences or the truth that it is more like 73 Trillion.

The travesty is that Congress can head off the sad consequences if they would listen to this advice and quit fearing about losing the next election.

What they should fear instead is the consequences of what is certain to happen in the foreseeable future if they keep making more utopian promises that will add to the National Debt

If interested to read the reality of the National Debt being actually 73 Trillion for the moment, and 130 trillion in time.

You Decide

Wise or foolish?

Regards and good will blogging.


National Debt

One of the main characters in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Polonius, while giving some advice to his son says this in Act 1, Scene III,

Neither a borrower nor a lender be…

This famous saying was intended as a piece of personal wisdom. The vast majority of the world today ignores this advice.

Whether at the personal, business, or government level, borrowing and lending have become commonplace in modern life. In fact, it is almost impossible to participate in buying or selling without borrowing and/or lending.

When a person borrows from a business, or from the government, it is a formal and legal endeavor, which makes disputes between the parties a complex matter of the law. The same is true for a business borrowing from another business, or a government borrowing from a business or another government.

If these intricate transactions run afoul and the borrower cannot pay back the lender…

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