Why won’t Congress apologize to President Trump for the now proven fact that he did not collude with the Russians?

In a Citizen Tom blog comments, I commented that the Mueller Report never could prove either collusion or obstruction and that Mueller never stated that he believed Congress should prove obstruction. A Trump Hater stated that was an interpretation, not a Mueller statement.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to recommend that President Trump appoint a National Psychologist to help guide Congress. If interested why, read on.

King Solomon

The wise in heart will receive commandments: but a prating fool shall fall. (Proverb 10:8)

“Of course, every man thinks his own opinions are better than others’. But wisdom knows this delusion of the human mind is from hell, motivated by the devil, and from a deceitful and desperately wicked human heart (Jer 17:9). The most foolish man on earth, the one without hope of recovery, is the one conceited about his own ideas (Pr 26:1229:20).”

What’s My Point?

The Mueller Report stated there was no collusion. For two years, President Trump has had to endure false accusations from ‘babbler prattlers’ in the mass media who are angry for losing the election.

Yet, now that the report states no collusion, I have not heard of one person who had accused him take responsibility for their false accusations and apologize.

Two years of on national tv, politicians, news pundits, and late-night clowns have made countless accusations that he colluded with the Russians, yet none have apologized to my knowledge.

As for stating that Mueller stated he left it up to Congress to prove collusion, that is another falsehood. It is a political interpretation.

In My Opinion

There are phycological reasons why people will not apologize, In the Source Links below, I referenced a few brief articles of why they do not take responsibility and apologize when they are proven wrong as the Mueller Report stated.

That is why I believe President Trump should appoint a National Psychologist to give physiological console to Congress.

If Interested

Read the Citizen Tom Blog post and the comments along with the Source Links of this post.

You Decide

Should Congress take responsibility and apologize to President Trump?.

Regards and good will blogging

Source Links

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