Could an ancient proverb coupled with a modern-day science discovery help?

The conflicts in the Middle East were resolved three thousand years ago by a King Solomon method. With today’s science, we have the capability of benefiting from his ancient methods.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate one method employed by King Solomon to reduce adversity during his forty-year reign.

King Solomon,

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity. (Proverb 17:17)

The Jewish writers understand this as showing the difference between a friend and a brother: a cordial friend loves at all times, prosperous and adverse; but a “brother loves when adversity is born” (s), or is, so Aben Ezra; he loves when he is forced to it; when the distress of his brother, who is his flesh and bone, as Gersom observes, obliges him to it: but this may be understood of the same person who is the friend; he is a brother, and acts the part of one in a time of adversity, for which he is born and brought into the world; it being so ordered by divine Providence, that a man should have a friend born against the time he stands in need of him (Excerpt Gils Bible Commentary)

What’s My Point?

King Solomon was purported to have married 700 wives and 300 concubines during his reign. This may appear to be farfetched in our modern times. That is unless you understood how it was customary to seal a contract by having a daughter be included in the contract to form a blood relative relationship in the agreement.

The proverb that a brother is born for a time of adversity gives a clue to how having a blood relative was an insurance agreement to prevent adversity between blood relatives as a result of including a marriage as part of the contract agreements.

My point is that in today’s modern times we now have the capability of tracing our genes DNA to discover our genealogical roots in history. My wife and I recently had DNA tests, same as millions of people and was surprised at the percentage numbers of different nationalities in our genes.

 If you consider history of the Roman Empire, and how slaves were transported  to Rome from all over the world, plus the history of migrations that took place over time, the DNA information may result in actual proof that we are indeed brothers and sisters not only spiritually as religious teaching affirm, we are likely to also be gene DNA relatives.

Consider then that if King Solomon did indeed marry 700 wives including foreign wives as recorded in the Bible, over time I believe there is a high likelihood of the gene’s DNA that perhaps many Middle Easterners now engaged in political conflicts as well as other Nations, and in USA Washington DC may be linked.  In other words, instead of being adversaries of each other, they could have proof they are actually distant relatives who according to the proverb, stand together instead of being adversaries.

In My Opinion,

Genealogical DNA and friends aside, we are all spiritually linked as brothers and sisters of our Creator.

Perhaps our Creator allowed us to understand the mystery of gene DNA to help us end human conflicts?

If Interested,

Read the articles in the Source Links below about the science of DNA genealogy testing and a previous post.

You Decide

Would adversaries knowing they share the same genes DNA help end or reduce bigotry in our Nation and World?

If you believe this idea is far fetched, what would you suggest as an alternative idea, other than teaching Spiritual Love and Wisdom, to help resolve adversary relationship and bigotry conflicts in our Nation and World?

Do you believe friends and/or “flesh and bone” brothers and sisters was so ordered and brought into this world by Providence to love one another?

Regards and good will blogging.

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