politicians should know unless they are fools, about legalizing recreational marijuana.

The Chicago Tribune article titled, Pritzker pot plan faces political hurdles, reports the present concerns of politicians about legalizing recreational marijuana in Illinois.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to reveal the dirty secret that politicians know, or should know unless they are fools but you will never hear unless major networks wise up to reveal the dirty secret.

This post will give interested readers how to wise up to the dirty secret.

King Solomon

 Wisdom reached from one end to another mightily: and sweetly doth she orders all things. (Wisdom of Solomon Chapter Eight)

What’s My Point?

In a previous post the statement made about what California is experiencing with their recent legalized marijuana that 80 percent of marijuana is still being sold in the black-market instead of legal sources.

In other words, politicians know that same as the 1930 prohibition of alcohol, that illegal sales will continue in spite of laws. That is because when all the taxes and regulations costs are added to legal sources, users will still buy from illegal sources if the price is cheaper.

So, what is the Dirty Secret?

Politicians know that they will profit because by legalizing marijuana, more people will begin using it and even though they claim legalization will end criminals selling, it will not.

In other words, government legalization will profit by increased use by people, mainly ages up to 24 years old which is the present largest percentage of recreational marijuana users.

In My Opinion

Sad that if you read behind the lines on the Chicago Tribune article, what you are reading about is a rush by the winners of the war to legalize recreational marijuana quibbling over the “spoils of war” that take place after a war is won.

The problem is the war is not about wisdom winning over folly.

If Interested

Read the articles and previous post in the Source Links Below. Is the real reason why Pritzker wants to eliminate legalizing home-grown pot plants is a clue he wants to curtail black-marketing of marijuana?

Then read the Wisdom of Solomon Chapter Eight Link and contemplate the issue based on living with the  benefits of wisdom.

You Decide

Who or what source is winning the war on wisdom vs. folly in the USA?

Will Major News Sources ever reveal the dirty secret to uniformed voters?

Would a wise or foolish parent recommend the use of recreational marijuana to their children when the law is passed by Illionis politicians hungry for tax funds.

Regards and good will blogging.

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