What kind of help in Chicago is needed to reduce ‘despicable’ shootings?

Two Chicago Tribune articles reported 52 shootings this past weekend in Chicago.

One article asks police and citizens: “Have I done all I can to reduce gun violence?”

In the other article, the Chief of Chicago Police “calls Chicago’s most violent weekend so far this year ‘despicable.’

The Purpose of This Post

Is to bring up the missing wisest and most effective focus needed, but not mentioned, in the articles to reduce the majority of ‘despicable’ shootings.

King Solomon

God told Solomon, “Since you had this in mind, to ask neither to focus on riches, wealth, honor, or the lives of those who hate you, nor have you requested a long life, but instead you have asked for wisdom and knowledge for yourself, so that you may rule my people over whom I have established you as king, ( 2 Chronicles 1:11 ISV).

What’s My Point?

My accolades to the writer to appeal for help from police, voters, legislators, and citizens to end the despicable killings.

However, because what is really needed is help from the people who are buying the drugs from gangs doing the majority of killings.  If drug users would boycott or stop buying the drugs for a period of time, same using buying power to pressure a merchant to “see the light” to a cause, the gang violence would end.

One of the hardest things to accomplish is to help people to help themselves. Helping a drug addict overcome their fear of losing access to the drugs of their addiction must be considered. In other words, a drug addict may want to help stop the killing but has conflicting incentives to boycott purchasing the drugs from gang sellers.

My point is the problem of drug and gang wars will never be solved by anyone regardless of the best intentions or efforts without providing a program for hard core drug addicts to obtain drugs. The focus to end the killings by gang suppliers must include a way to help addicts from having to buy drugs from gang sellers using guns to kill each other.

In My Opinion

Enlisting help to end the killings need to focus on helping people to help themselves. Pointing fingers at the police or enlisting help needs to include focus at the buyers of drugs.

Supposedly, marijuana users are not being addicted according to the current beliefs of legislators who just approved legalizing recreational marijuana. Asking a recreational marijuana user for help to boycott sellers should not be a major asking to focus a boycott to help send a message to gang sellers.

As for a drug addict who cannot survive without drugs, a focus on supplying them free drugs with counseling to help themselves may be the only path to help a drug addict help themselves.

In other words, News media and reporters must focus on including asking help from the drug users to end the drug despicable killings.

If Interested

Read the articles and previous posts in the Source Links below.

You Decide

Will more police or laws ever end the killings in Chicago.

Should help be focused more on helping people to help themselves.

Would a focus on telling the truth that the best and wisest way to help prevent people from becoming drug addicts is to never engage in buying or using drugs for recreational purposes. That way they will help others as well as themselves from killing both themselves and others.

Should we all include asking God for Wisdom to help end the ‘despicable’ killings?

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