What is even more strange is that doctors already know how foolish the trip will be for users before the strange trip embarks.  

The Chicago Tribune Editorial, Recreational marijuana: Illinois embarks on a long strange trip, reports: “the potential harms of pot won’t be understood for a long time.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to give ancient wisdom along with proven modern medical advice before riders choose to embark on a strange and foolish journey of folly.

Also, to make voters aware of the even stranger trip the Illinois legislators took them on to pass the law to approve recreational marijuana.

King Solomon

The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty. (Proverb 22:3)

What’s My Point?

I was reminded of a doctor’s comment he made about his son-in-law who refused to take the doctor’s advice to allow his grandchildren to obtain a flu shot. “My imbecile mechanic son in law knows more about health than me.”

My point is that doctors already know that users of recreational marijuana will experience health problems from the use of marijuana. Also that non users will pay higher insurance premiums because of the law.

Voters were asked in a voter referendum this question.

“In the event marijuana is legalized, should the City of Chicago appropriate revenue from the sale of marijuana to increase funding for Chicago Public Schools and for mental health services?”

Check out how the funds will be allocated in the new law and compare where the revenue will be “split up.” The final destination of who shares the funds trip “has not been determined yet.”

In My Opinion

The use of recreational marijuana is folly.

If Interested

Read the Chicago Tribune and a doctor’s article links. Also, a link to previous posts about recreational marijuana folly and my prediction that the law would pass in Illinois years ago.

You Decide

Did your legislator vote to approve recreational marijuana?

Is after reading this post make you feel like your legislators took you on a strange ride ( of folly ) in which you passed a sign that reads: “Welcome to Illinois.”

Will you take King Solomon’s or your own doctor’s advice to choose to take the prudent and longer trip in life than those who choose to ride on a strange trip which is medically known to end up shorter?

Come on Tribune Editors, how about reporting the already understood proven medical truths instead of “the potential harms of pot won’t be understood for a long time.”

Regards and good will blogging

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