Interested in trying to solve a very short story mystery related to why our Creator allows the evil code to exist?  You discern if the story is based on fact or fiction. If interested, read on.

In Post One, life codes mystery was explained and revealed. Many often wonder why our Creator allows the evil code to continue to exist and cause so much sorrow to characters instead of being deleted in the story of life on our planet.   

Will you agree with this reason and solve the Biblical cities?

Chapter Five

Father, you warned me that adding the free will code will esult my story events with madness and folly. And even after I added the wisdom and love codes, while it helped somewhat, there is still far too much madness and folly the characters keep repeating generation after generation.

Yes, I know my son

I wonder father, why did you not permanently delete the evil code instead of continuing to allow it to exist in the stories. Why continue to allow the evil code to influence the fool characters to engage in madness and folly?

Remember my son, the reason you gave me when you asked for the free will code. You said you no longer seemed to enjoy your story because the outcome is too predictable without the free will code.

We both also know every fundamental basic codes of a good story needs characters, settings, plots, conflicts, and resolution. Without the evil code, there will be no conflicts or opportunities for your characters to seek challenging resolutions.

As you also know my son, the main reason for Creation is because we both love a good story.

 If every story character has no conflicts to resolve, hw long will you be interested or entertained by the story’s?  Also, what better test to separate the good from the evil characters to enter our cloud storage area. If we allow evil characters to enter and mingle in the same clouds, will they not in time do the same and attempt to))(( influence other good characters with their evil intrigues?

I believe I understand better now father.

Have you decided my son yet, when you will delete your story?

Not yet father, I will not delete the story entirely for the same reasons I only deleted the two cities in my story.

Mystery Revealed of the Two Cities Deleted

Sodom and Gomorrah

If Interested

Read the previous post and articles in the Source Links below the reson the two cities were deleted.

You Decide

Does this story perhaps elude to a possible reason why our Creator allows the evil code to exist?

What was the real reason the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed?

Regards and good will blogging.

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