Interested in attempting to solve the codes most probable to cause characters to change their principals in their stories?

If interested read on and see if you can identify the “P” and alphabet codes. The previous posts explained how and why of codes we may experience in our life stories.

Chapter Six.

My son, your face reveals sadness. Tell me what is wrong?

It is the two articles I read this morning in the Chicago Tribune father. You warned me that character heroes may suddenly change to veer off in unexpected directions same as the wind once I inserted the free choice code into my story. You also warned that I will experience sadness when I witness the madness and folly after I inserted the code into my story.

You are indeed all-knowing father. Tell me why so many characters continue to ignore the wisdom and love codes to help guide them to change for the better instead of being influenced by the evil code to change for the worse.

What news stories did you read and why are the saddening you my son?

The first article is how a public figure character changed to agree to abortion after supporting life for unborn children for over 30 years. The second article is about a newly elected governor signing into law to make it easier to kill unborn children. What is most upsetting though is the crowd of people who helped persuade him to agree with killing unborn children are cackling around him in victory.   

Yes, indeed my son, sad.

As you know, the purpose of my story is to add glory in our kingdom father. The greater the number of characters born into my story, the greater they will be your glory. Do you agree my logic of my purpose would be a matter of simple common-sense logic to guide the characters during their life time father?

Yes, simple common sense to one wise enough to understand your purpose.  Judging by the conflicts I hear about your story characters appears to be lack of understanding and knowledge of their purpose in life and the reason for your story. The evil code is indeed a powerful influence for fool characters to change for the worse my son.

But what are the codes he mainly uses to influence the act to drive my characters to be so easily convinced to change their principals?  I really believed that the wisdom code would help reduce the madness and folly, which it did for a while. Then my journey to appear in person and guide them to understand the love code, would help change the characters.

My son, there are nine” P” codes the evil code uses to mainly influence your characters to change or lead them to engage in foolish conflicts or causes.  

Father do you have another code I can insert into my story to help the character’s principals to prevent them from being influenced with the “P” codes father?

If you remove the “P” codes my son, the majority of foolish conflicts will be edited out of your story. Your characters will have fewer conflicts to challenge their principals to obtain resolutions needed to qualify to enter our cloud storage when it come their time to be judged.

The only option is to remove the free choice code or delete your story for a sixth time to climax the madness and folly. Are you ready to do that now my son? Remember what you said, a good story must have conflict to be entertaining and challenge the characters.

Yes, I understand father. Perhaps if I read more about the good characters, it would not sadden me when I read the news reports about the folly in my story. However, the news articles very seldom report what the good characters are doing.  

I know my son. Perhaps you need to consider a way for your characters to be taught the alphabet of virtue codes instead of the evil “P” codes.

Yes father, I agree the alphabet letters of virtues will make far better characters in my story. However, the greatest obstacle is how to teach characters in their youth. The evil code has influenced the community leaders to teach everything under the sun except wisdom and the meaning of true love.

I know my son. Mother and I will help you in the meantime as we promised. Again, it is your choice when to delete your story.

The “P” Codes Mystery Revealed.

Pride, Power, Profit, Praise, Poverty, Pain, Power, Pervasiveness, Perverseness

If Interested

Read the articles in the Source Links Below which includes the Biblical meaning of Glory of God and a listing of the alphabet of virtue codes.

You Decide

Do the “P” codes often influence the story characters to change their principals?

Will a mystery story be more enjoyable and meaningful to hear if the hero wins over the villains or vice versa?

Will your Creator be pleased when he hears your story?

Is the idiom “He who laughs last, laughs best?”

King Solomon

Like the crackling of thorns under the pot, so is the laughter of fools. This too is meaningless. (Ecclesiastes 7:6)

Gils Bible Commentary

For as the crackling of thorns under a pot, so is the laughter of the fool,. As thorns are weak, useless, and unprofitable; yea, hurtful and pernicious, and only fit for burning; so are foolish and wicked men, 2 Samuel 23:6; and as the noise and sound of the one under a pot is very short, they make a blaze for a while, and is soon over; so though the laughter of a fool is loud and noisy, it makes no melody, no more than the noise of thorns; and is but for a moment, and will be soon changed for weeping and howling, which will last for ever; see Job 20:5;

this also is vanity; the carnal mirth of wicked men.

Regards and good will blogging.

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