Will fools buy “CBD products they believe relieve arthritis, migraines, anxiety, insomnia, acne, rosacea, thinning hair, pretty much everything….”

The Chicago Tribune article titled, Forget about marijuana laws for a second. The CBD industry needs to be regulated, reports the new “snake oil” concerns about salesman’s claims that marijuana and hemp derivatives need regulation.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to remind us about an ancient wisdom saying that warn about fool’s culpability recorded 3000 years ago appears to be making a return revolution “under the sun.”

King Solomon

What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

The simple believe anything, but the prudent give thought to their steps. (Proverb 14:15)

Long life is in her ( Wisdom )right hand; in her left hand are riches and honor. (Proverb 3:16)

What’s My Point?

Reading the Chicago Tribune article reminded me about the Wild West movies scene listening to a salesman make claims that his product will  cure ever ailment known to man.

The recent fad about marijuana and hemp products being offered at a slight added cost.

CBD, a cannabis plant extract that doesn’t cause intoxication, is now being touted as a potential fix for everything from anxiety to inflammation. It’s added to lotions, oils and gummies, and even sold as an additive for your coffee.”

In My Opinion

The proverb gives advice about being prudent when listening to medical claims or salesman “unregulated substance with no evidence-based science to support its use, nor assurances against harmful contaminants.”

In other words, snake oil claims are returning “under the sun.”

Frankly, what difference it will make if it is regulated? There are already 11 States that have approved recreational marijuana, a substance the Federal CDC, Center for Disease Control that has medical proof of the debilitating health affects of use of marijuana, now made legal in order to obtain wider use of fools in their States.

Why do I term a person who uses recreational marijuana a fool? What else would you term a person who knowing uses a substance proven to be debilitation to their health over time?

If they were wise, they would understand that wisdom and prudent behavior adds longevity to life spans instead of shortening.

It also adds riches when we don’t   spend our money buying and using products medically proven harmful to our health.

As for honor, only a fool would do the following according to this proverb.

Like tying a stone in a sling is the giving of honor to a fool. (Proverb 26:8)

In other words, when we tie ourselves to use recreational marijuana, we are ………….

If Interested

Read the articles in the Source Links below along with an article about the origins and history of snake oil in USA history.

You Decide

Are the current claims about CBD true or false?

Should these products and claims be regulated to obtain medical proof or continue be consider true using the same logic as “rolling the dice”?

Regards and good will blogging.

Source Links

Chicago Tribune


History of Snake Oil


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