Did an Amazon initiative just give a “nod” to the wisdom of Trump’s economic policies?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, Amazon plans to spend $700 million to retrain workers reported the reaps was because: “The harder it is to hire workers from the outside, the more sense it makes to invest in training the workforce you already have.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to explain the wisdom to amplify this statement as a validation of President Trump’s economic policies.

King Solomon

let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance— (Proverb 1:5)

Excerpt Gils Bible Commentary

he shall possess the helm” (l); sit as a pilot there, as the word may signify, and steer the ship aright in which he is; whether it be his family, or the church of God, or a city or corporation, or a kingdom: this book, rightly understood by him, will furnish him with rules to do all things well and wisely.

What’s My Point?

Even though Jeff Bezos, owner of the Washington Post, and President Trump are believed to be engaged in an economic feud of political policies in the news, if you discern this new Amazon personnel decision, it appears to me that President Trump economic policies are benefiting American workers wages and future potentials.

Trump’s basic policy is a reaffirmation of the core driver of capitalism.

“In economic theory, the law of supply and demand is considered one of the fundamental principles governing an economy. It is described as the state where as supply increases the price will tend to drop or vice versa, and as demand increases the price will tend to increase or vice versa. (google)

Compare this proven capitalism theory in recent history and wars now being touted by supposedly term “progressive policies.” which are basically a return to socialism failed economic theories and discern this question.

If it did not work in the past, why will it work in the future?

In My Opinion

I personally benefited when my employer’s helped me pay college tuition. Employers after World War II were subsidized to help pay education costs to returning veterans.

Discern the reasons and circumstances of how job opportunism and worker advancements resulted in the USA after World War II.

We desperately need to renegotiate fair and mutually equitable trade agreements and retrain workers to return manufacturing job opportunities back to the USA to benefit both our Nation and workers futures.

If Interested

Read the article in the Source Links Below

You Decide

Was the Amazon plan the result of President Trump’s economic policies?

Should the USA return to economic polices that have a proven history of working or return to supposedly new economic polices that have proven to not only fail economically, but resulted in millions of deaths of citizens in the Nations that engaged in Socialism instead of Capitalism theories?

Which economic policies create more work opportunities through personal incentives instead of force, Capitalism or Socialism?

Based on this article, who will you choose in 2020 to be the Captain of your Nation’s economic ship?

Regards and good will blogging.

Source Links

Chicago Tribune