Is there a subtle or distinct difference between being stupid or a fool? If so, how can we discern the difference?

I read a post about how Congress is currently passing Bills to allow more visas for foreign educated to enter the USA to work.  

Why are foreign workers needed by Corporations? Is something is deficient with American education controlled by government?

The Purpose of this Post

To discern the root causes or reasons why foreign workers are needed?

Is it perhaps because our children are stupid or are their parents’ fools for allowing government to control education in the USA?

For example, our children and ourselves may incur lifetime school loans to pay for higher education to obtain work skills and then allow foreign educated workers to enter the USA to work?

King Solomon’s Book of Proverbs Explained

Interpretation – Purpose: The purpose of the book is clearly to show the reader how to live life wisely or skillfully. As a matter of fact, the entire structure of the book is arranged to carry out this purpose. 

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old, they will not turn from it. (Proverb 22:6)

Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching. (Proverbs 1:8)

What’s My Point?

According to King Solomon’s wisdom advice to parents, it is their responsibility to teach their children, not  government.

Would King Solomon consider Americans fools to have allowed government to take away parent’s responsibility for teaching their children educational work skills and their religious values.

The differences depend on the subject and circumstances.

For example, if you discern the subject of visa Bills to import foreign labor, is it because government public education has failed to teach Americans the skills needed by Corporations?Or did Corporations successfully convince Congress to increase visas to fill these work positions so they can be paid lower wages than American workers?

If this is the reason, does this imply Congress appears to value foreign workers higher than American workers?

In My Opinion

Americans are not stupid to allow Congress to pass these visa Bills. Rather, Americans are fools.

Stupid relates to a person having an impaired decision-making function. A fool is a person who has no decision-making impairment, yet allows others to control him or her from making wise decisions or impede their responsibilities as parents.

In other words, if you discern the present public government education systems based on costs and reading skills compared to private schools, not only do public schools cost more than private schools, they also fail on grade comparisons.

And if we discern our real estate tax bills amounts allocated for public schools, and consider that we do not pay for schools for twelve years, we pay for the rest of our lives.

Then discern that if we could send our children to private schools, we still must pay taxes for public schools.

In other words, if an average family did not have to pay the amounts they now pay for public schools, and instead applied the school cost tax amounts to  a private schools, even with a loan to amortize the amounts over time, we would pay off the schools costs in 25 years rather than a lifetime.

My point is that government run schools not only fail in the responsibility to provide work skills to support the needs of Corporations, they also are far more costly than private schools.

Add religious choice to the equation, and in my opinion. We are fools to believe that government should be responsible for teaching our children.  

In Other Words

We average Americans are not stupid. Rather we are fools to allow government to make us pay for public school’s costs, yet not allow school vouchers.

The result is government has built an economic wall to prevent parents the choice and responsibility to choose where and what they want taught to their children.

 Add college costs that are mainly paid by parents or school loans and discern the total amounts to educate a child are staggering.

If Interested

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You Decide

Are we Americans fools or stupid to believe that teaching our children is the responsibility of government instead of parents?

If you lived in Washington DC, would you send your children to public or private schools. Apparently very few Congress men or women ever send their children to public schools. Is it because they are paid high government salaries that they send their children to private schools, or their religious values? Or is it because they believe it is their Right and Responsibility to send their children to private schools?

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