Should Chicago Do What President Obama did to control crime?

The Chicago Tribune article titled; A slain teens family held a march in his honor. Then they spotted the person suspected of killing him, who grinned and flashed a gun, reported:

“It is not uncommon in Chicago for families’ demands for justice to be met with taunts and threats and even more gun violence.”  

The Purpose of This Post

Is to wonder if the it is time for Chicago to be allowed the same thing that President Obama approved which provides greater law enforcement powers for tribal authorities on Indian Reservations.

King Solomon

He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls. (Proverb 25:28)

He that hath no rule over his own spirit, His affections and passions, puts no restraint, unto them, as the word signifies; no guard against them, no fence about them, to curb his curiosity, to check his pride and vanity, to restrain his wrath and anger and revenge, and keep within due bounds his ambition and itch of vainglory;

is like a city that broken down and without walls; into which the may go with pleasure, and which is exposed to the rapine and violence of everyone; and so a man that has no command of himself and passions, but gives the reins to them, is exposed to the enemy of souls, Satan and is liable to every sin, snare and temptation.(Gils Bible Commentary)

What’s My Point?

We do not live in an ideal world of justice and law. When a city is broken down and exposed to violence, the result is the same as when a person has no rule of his own spirit.

When people in a community fear to testify against criminals, the city is broken down, leaving them in a similar way, exposed to every sin, snare and temptation of Satan, the enemy of souls.

In My Opinion

Gangs in Chicago communities are similar to warlike tribes that ruled various American territories and warred with each other in ancient American history.

This comparison is not meant to infer a racial slur against African Americans or any ethnic communities.

The comparison is meant only to compare what Congress and President Obama approved to restore order for American Indian Territories.

The US Congress needs to get involved in Chicago same as they did to help the American Indians,

“Law enforcement on tribal lands has long been hamstrung by a lack of resources and by restrictions placed by the federal government,” Keel said. “The Tribal Law and Order Act is a significant step forward for tribal police.”.

“Crime rates on some Indian reservations are 20 times higher than the national average, Obama said, adding that one in three Native American women are raped in their lifetimes, which he called “an assault on our national conscience.”

In other words,  Congess needs to help  fund and restore police powers to the community which are being restricted by the Federal Government in the form of laws to protect individual Rights and a Criminal Justice system that obviously is not working to protect certain high crime communities.

Why not do the same as what was approved by Congress as a “significant step forward for the tribal police.”

If after a reasonable period of time, if the police are still unable to control the violence, the only other option is martial law, or continued violence.

If Interested

Read the articles in the Source Links Below. Note that Obama signed the act in 2010 and the results reported in 2017.

You Decide

Are crime rates in Chicago 20 times higher than the national average?

Would restoring police powers help end the fear and broken justice system for those living in fear and belief that there is no justice available for victims of tribal gangs.

Are Federal Constitutional Rights helping or hindering the communities same as it hindered Tribal Police in American Indian Territories.

If after reading the article, what other choice does the City of Chicago have to end the violence and restore community spirits.

Is it apparent that Chicago “hath no rule “in a   similar way to the King Solomon proverb?

Source Links

Chicago Tribune

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Gils Bible Commentary

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