Interested in a prime example of how we Americans are the most steadfast simple fools and “The Masters of Their Own Disasters?”

The Chicago Tribune article titled, As the nation’s opioid crisis grew, the pills got stronger, reported this statement made by a drug distributer, “I don’t know that Cardinal owes a duty to the public regarding that.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to explain why we Americans are on a path of becoming the most steadfast simple fools in modern history to have allowed our government and   ourselves and our Nation to become the largest consumers of drugs, number of drug addicts, and fatal casualties off drug overdoses deaths.

And what we need to do in my opinion, to prevent the latest folly that has been medically proven to be certain to speed up the increase of repeating to be even greater “Masters of Our Own Disasters” in the near future

King Solomon

How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge? (Proverb 1:22)

What’s My Point(s)?

  1. We have medical proof that a significant percentage of recreational marijuana uses will become drug addicts based on CDC, USA Government Center of Disease Control, reports..
  2. We know that marijuana suppliers will certainly do what the Chicago Tribune articles stated, increase the potency to market more sales revenues.
  3. We know that marketing of drugs and recent laws to make lawful and more available recreational marijuana will certainly add more users, and more sad stories in the future.
  4. We know the majority of drugs origins have been south of the border and USA drug manufactures.
  5. We now news sources are r limited sources to provide public awareness of all the available medical knowledge paid for by taxpayers and private studies.
  6. We know that savvy marketers of products will “puff” their products to obtain greater profits and as the comment made “I don’t know if it is my duty.”

My main point is to question whose duty is it to provide knowledge that was paid for by taxpayers of private funding to people to prevent them from being lured by savvy marketers or make foolish choices that can turn them into drug addicts.

In My Opinion

We are simple steadfast fools to allow government and ourselves to not, at the very least, warn with public awareness broadcasts to spread the available medical knowledge to its citizens of the medical consequences of using drugs for recreational purposes in the form of public awareness broadcasts.

And a host of other warnings of about engaging in foolish risky practices-based opinions instead of proven medical knowledge.

For example, in the current news, measles inoculations, sexual transmitted diseases, etc.

If Interested

Read in the Source links below previous posts and suggestions.

You Decide

Are we or are we not simple fools to steadfast allow our government representatives to ignore this issue by voting for them over and over again?

Will we ever wise up or remain steadfast simple fools described in the ancient proverb?

Is there any truth to the motto of this blog?

What the world needs now in addition to love is wisdom. We are the masters of our own disasters.

Regards and good will blogging

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