How did an ancient cunning force persuade a religious entity to initiate a decision that resulted to be the core reason for the present wane of religion in the USA?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, ‘I’m going to kill someone, or someone will kill me’: How a Southwest Side bungalow became a refuge from violent street life, reported the plight of people living in high crime areas in the USA.

In Post One, I stated

In my opinion, the decision resulted to become the biggest root cause of gun violence in the USA more so than video games, mental illness, poverty, etc. etc.

The Purpose of This Post

To present information on how lack of wisdom of fear resulted in being the biggest core reason for violence in the USA.

In addition, to present an argument for school vouchers to help reduce killings and violence in the USA in the future based on the logic that if more people believed in judgement by God after death and an afterlife for eternity, they would more likely become better law-abiding citizens.

King Solomon

Train up a child in the way he should go;
    even when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverb 22:6)

Above all else, guard your heart for everything you do flows from it. (Proverb 4:23)

What’s My Point?

“As the (USA) nation was majority Protestant in the 19th century, most states passed a constitutional amendment, called Blaine Amendments, forbidding tax money be used to fund parochial schools. This was largely directed against Catholics, as the heavy immigration from Catholic Ireland after the 1840s aroused nativist sentiment. There were longstanding tensions between Catholic and Protestant believers, long associated with nation states that had established religions. Many Protestants believed that Catholic children should be educated in public schools in order to become American.”   

The long-term result of the above decision resulted is the wane of religion values in the USA. Over time, the cost of public schools has become so expensive that poor and middle-class families cannot afford to send their children to private religious schools in our contemporary times, and also be taxed to fund public schools.

And if you do not teach your children religious values, they will in turn not teach their children.

My argument is that not teaching a child in their youth the basic precept of King Solomon that “fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” meaning that when people die, there will be a final judgement they must face from God in order to qualify for a heavenly reward.

Without this fear, and especially in poor neighborhoods with high rates of single family’s and poverty are never being taught religious values or the wisdom of fear of God and judgement and to “love thy neighbor.”.

Never being taught religious values and the Ten Commandments in their lifetime is the core reason why people are influenced to participate in lawlessness and violence.

 What led into the hearts to influence religious sects to believe government public schools would be a better choice than private schooling teaching religious values of wisdom and love as taught in the Bible?

In other words, my argument premise is that the core reason for lawlessness is government preventing by economic reasons from teaching religious values to children in public schools.

Yes, there are other factors such as mental health, video games, guns, etc. that contribute to violence and killings.

My point in relation to the Chicago Tribune article is that people do not want to live in fear in high crime areas by choice. They live there because they cannot afford to move to more affluent areas with proven records of less crime.

In My Opinion

As,a religious believer, I wonder if the hearts were unguarded by those who decided on the Blaine Amendments as the result of being persuaded by the most cunning power in history of mankind?

I agree that and educated citizenry benefits a nation. I also believe that the founders of our Nation never envisioned the First Amendment to deprive them of their First Amendment Rights to teach their children their religious values because they cannot afford to pay two tuitions, one for public schools, and one for private schools of their choice.

School vouchers in poor high crime neighborhoods is a beginning to remedy the past folly.

 If incorporated, perhaps the next generation taught the basic wisdom of fear of the Lord being the beginning of wisdom and to love thy neighbor will in the future make for a more lawful citizenry. Especially for children who do not have the same parental home influences to guide them, or the means to move out of violent crime ridden neighborhoods.

If Interested

Read the Source Links below and previous post.

In My Next Post

I will explore what President F. D. Roosevelt understood about fear and how he converted retreat into advancement in our American society.

You Decide

Do you believe teaching wisdom and love to children in their youth help reduce violence in the USA?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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