Should Conservatists listen to youth and millennials about their fears of global warming being triggered by Progressive politicians?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, 22M pounds of plastics go into the Great Lakes each year, reports:

“Plastics pollution in global waters has become one of the most complex issues of the century.”

I also read two blog posts and comments that relate to visions in the sky. There are also other types of visions of fears in the minds of fears of the millennial’s generation and previous generations about both political and environmental issues.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to warn conservative politicians to listen to the concerns of youth and millennials to prevent them from voting based on political claims that may repeat the same follies of previous generations.

King Solomon

let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance— (Proverb 1:5)

 “he shall possess the helm” (l); sit as a pilot there, as the word may signify, and steer the ship aright in which he is; whether it be his family, or the church of God, or a city or corporation, or a kingdom: this book, rightly understood by him, will furnish him with rules to do all things well and wisely.” (Excerpt Gils)

Be sure you know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds; (Proverb 27:23)

“and look well to thy herds; or, “put thy heart” (s) to them: show a cordial regard for them, (youth and millennials) and take a hearty care of them, that they have everything needful for them; and which is for the owner’s good as well as theirs.” (Excerpt Gils)

What’s My Point?

Politicians are targeting or triggering youth and millennials with rhetoric of fear of global warming in the 2020 election. Whether claims about global warming are valid truths or not, if Conservatist do not listen to youth and millennial’s concerns, the result could be the deciding factor of winning or losing the 2020 election.

For example, in the nineteen sixties, youth protested against 50,000 Americans dying in Vietnam. When you reflect on what took place in history after that time, did the world advance or retreat result in preventing 911 and the USA sending 100,000 plus troops to Afghanistan and Iran.

Did the USA repeat the same folly of trying to police the world after Vietnam?

Did youth protests about Vietnam change the next election result?

My point is voters will choose who will represent them based on promises or claims that may not be wise or truthful. However, if political candidates do not listen and address their concerns and/or fears of global warming and environment before they vote, the future path of the USA on other issues will be affected.

In my opinion, there are some immediate simple solutions to address environmental concerns. Of youth and millennials.

For Example


What should be done about plastic pollution is simple, provide incentives to make use of reusable containers. For example, millions of people line up every day on their way to work to buy a cup of coffee served to them in a plastic container to drink as they drive to work. If they would instead hand a standard size reusable cup, they cleaned to the coffee businesses, millions of pounds of plastic would not be required.

The same with reusable washable bags for groceries and other methods of packaging,

Fast food return to dishwashers instead of plastic.

Same for milk or water containers.

 Carbon Dioxide

Plant trees program.

Amortize all forms of energy costs instead of price competition.

If Interested

Read the post links below and previous posts for explanations of above for examples.

Your Decide

Will the color in the sky for conservatives appear blue or violet for the future of the USA if the truth turns out to be that the reason they lost is because that they did not listen and act on the environmental concerns of youth and millennials?

If the Progressives win the 2020 election, will the truth also be that they will gain power to repeat past failures of socialism or unfair globalism trade agreements that led past “herds” of people to what is or was not good as evidenced in recent history?

Are present environmental issues really that complex, or will some simple truthful measures suggested in the above For Examples help reduce pollution in Lake Michigan and/or the planet?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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