What do alligator warnings have in common with Chicago Violence?

In the Previous Post

I stated I will summarize these posts by relating proven informational advice other USA sectors have adjusted to use to survive threats in their communities.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate alligator warnings to ancient proverbs and recent political rhetoric and beliefs to hopefully summarize Survival Wisdom for Chicago Residents and our Nation.

King Solomon

let the wise listen and add to their learning,
    and let the discerning get guidance— (Proverb 1:5)

That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God required that which is past. (Ecclesiastes 3:16)

Excerpt Gils Bible Commentary

 the abuse of power and authority: and the meaning then is, the same acts of injustice, violence, and persecution, have been done formerly as now, and now as formerly; and what hereafter of this kind may be, will be no other than what has been; from the beginning persecution was; Cain hated and slew his brother, because of his superior goodness; and so it always has been, is, and will be, that such who are after the flesh persecute those who are after the spirit; 

but God will make inquisition for blood, and require it at the hands of those that shed it; he will seek out the persecuted, and vindicate him, and, avenge his persecutor.

What’s My Point?

Throughout time, there has been and sadly continue to be acts of injustice, violence, and persecution as recorded in history.

King Solomon came to this conclusion 3000 years ago and gave advice to listen to wise men for guidance.

One thousand years later, Jesus Christ gave guidance “to love each other as your love yourself and “to do unto others as what you would do to yourself.”

My point is we all must make wise choices in life. Those who have faith in a God who will judge them when they die will not fear God’s judgement if their choices in life are righteous.

In the meantime, while we are alive on earth, we need guidance how to survive while we are still alive.

My point is whether you live in fear of alligators, or Chicago violence, if you compare wise truthful guidance you will reduce the risks of harm. However, you must first listen, compare, and discern if what you hear is truthful wise advice.

For Example

Compare These Warnings and Advice in relation to Recreational Drugs

1. How to be Safe Around Alligators  

 Don’t feed alligators

2. King Solomon on Wine (Recreational Drugs).

 They struck me, but I did not become ill; They beat me, but I did not know it When shall I awake?  I will seek another drink. (or drugs) (Proverb 23:25)

3. Malcolm X

“The Afro-American community must accept the responsibility for regaining our people who have lost their place in society. We must declare an all-out war on organized crime in our community; a vice that is controlled by policemen who accept bribes and graft must be exposed. We must establish a clinic, whereby one can get aid and cure for drug addiction.”

In My Opinion

Everyone should read the Malcom X 1964 statements and views on choice, drugs, guns, education, and political parries before they vote in the next election.

In my opinion, if you compare what transpired since 1964 to our present times, it may shock you if you compare what the political debates and issues occurring today.

Personally, my choice for black communities unity would be the religious teachings and beliefs of  Reverend Martin Luther King to be wiser path for the future of the USA than Malcolm X.

As for poor education, school vouchers are the best choice in my opinion for parents to choose rather than government. However, as I explained in a previous post below, the Supreme Court needs to define what is a religion compared to a political entity before school vouchers can be implemented as a choice.

If Interested,

Read the Source Links below.

You Decide

Will the new laws to approve recreational marijuana add or subtract to Chicago Valence over time?

Which political party paths will benefit the USA in the future for all individual race, creed, or religion choices we have doting our short time in life?

How many more comparisons could you make that relate alligator warnings to Chicago Violence?

Regards and goodwill blogging

Source Links

How to be Safe Around Alligators


King Solomon on Wine (or Recreational Drugs)


Malcolm X 1964

Religion or Political Entity


Gils Bible Commentary


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