Another empty suit delay tactic, or another wasted blessing?

The Chicago Tribune What Others are Saying Column reported an opinion by Frank Bruni that impeachment “Impeachment will shove aside all the issues of infrastructure, health care, education.)”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to question why the USA keeps on wasting the blessings bestowed on our Nation.

King Solomon

Wisdom, like an inheritance, is a good thing
    and benefits those who see the sun.
 Wisdom is a shelter
    as money is a shelter,
but the advantage of knowledge is this:
    Wisdom preserves those who have it. (Ecclesiastes 5:11,12)

What’s My Point?

The question to ask is if the USA was bestowed a blessing of freedom and prosperity, are we wasting our inheritance with political bickering taking place in our Nation.

Do the writers make sense to point out that the impeachment serves to set aside the issues voters want resolved?

In My Opinion

In a previous post I stated it is time for our Nation to pray.

In this post, I believe it is time to pray for legislators to reveal their plans before the next election what they propose along with the when and how to pay for the three issues the mentioned above by the writer.

As for wasting the blessings bestowed on our Nation, the song verse in the previous post is what voters should consider about the who they plan to place their vote for in 2020.

If Interested,

Read the Song Verses below. Non faith believers concerned about the three issues can ask their legislators instead of the Lord if they choose.

You Decide

Will prayers to the Lord or the legislators be your choice based on the present record of a Nation being $22 trillion in debt and a host of empty suit promises.

Who do you believe to be a wiser shelter to trust “your soul in His hands?”

Regards and good will blogging.

Source Links

Frank Bruni Opinion in Chicago Tribune September 28, 2019

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Song Verse Excerpt

Lord help me, Jesus, I’ve wasted it so
Help me Jesus I know what I am
But now that I know that I’ve needed you so
Help me, Jesus, my soul’s in your hand