…promote badly needed school vouchers wisdom?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, what should Lightfoot do if teachers strike, reported the columnist suggestion: “That she can take one other step and use a magic word.”


The Purpose of This Post

Is to call attention to the inequities and follies of public-school   education and taxation, especially for children in high crime poverty areas because of a number of factors to consider.

King Solomon

Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching. (Proverb 1:8)

By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; (Proverb 24:3)

Train up a child in the way he should go;
    even when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverb 22:6)

What is My Point?

The city is financially broke, raising taxes on homes will speed up the present exodus of residents, many retired with limited income will not be able to afford to live in their present homes, etc. etc.

School vouchers will enable the hundreds of closed down religious private schools to return to high crime poverty areas which will revitalize the neighborhoods because if anyone who looks for a house knows that good school ratings increase home values.

Many parents would prefer to send their children to a private religious school to be taught their religious moral values. Because the Supreme Court interpreted the First Amendment to not allow public schools to teach religion, and the cost of schools have increased over time for various reasons, mainly because anything government becomes involved in controlling, costs rise disproportionally to private industry.

My main point is that parents should be responsible for what is taught in school curriculum and not political influenced school boards.

List of Factors

It is unequitable to require parents to pay taxes for both public schools and private schools

The First Amendment has been interpreted wrong when the result is government taking charge of public schools, allowing costs to become unaffordable, the result is instead of allowing parents freedom of religion, it has economically deprived parents of religious choice.

 In Chicago, as more private religious schools close down, it added to the cost burden of public schools because more children had no choice to go to a private school and pay both tax and tuition. The result is less competition and perhaps higher costs of education same as when industry formed monopolies.

Chicago Charter Schools will not be affected by a union strike. Most parents prefer charter schools but are limited in income to pay one, and not even one, tuition.

Teachers worried that they will be out of jobs by school vouchers should consider that private religious schools will need to hire teachers. If every school was given an equal voucher amount, salaries would be comparable or even better if the teacher is proven to be a better teacher.

In My Opinion

Everyone should read the Chicago Tribune article and consider school vouchers., will the strike turn out to result in a positive or negative for the future of Chicago?

If Interested

Read the article in the Source Links Below and Previous Posts on this Blog on the subject of school vouchers.

You Decide

School Vouchers – Should you as a parent “care” enough to write your Congressman and Politicians?

School Vouchers – Wise or Foolish – Parents should decide not government what religious values they want their children to learn.

Will the USA in time become a Socialist Country yet where the State decides what is best for everyone and government is the final authority over children instead of parents??

Will a strike result in a positive or negative for the future of Chicago?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

Chicago Tribune – John Kass

. https://www.chicagotribune.com/columns/john-kass/ct-lori-lightfoot-chicago-teachers-union-kass-20191010-urlpv6frvvdlrogoxhl2wzj3y4-story.html

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