What did wise King Solomon advise or warn us to understand about people who hide their identity reveal themselves or what is truly in their minds and hearts?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, This Golden Moutza is for you, Washington Post, reports why the columnist chose this month shame award for people who reveal themselves for what they really are.

For example, gossipers, betrayers, cat pawers, cowards, liars, tribal politicians, liars, corporate shells, news media, bloggers, false names, fake news, falsehoods, alias, criminals, etc. etc.

In other words, anyone who uses pseudonyms to hide themselves from identifying themselves so as not to reveal their truthful motives, bias, etc. with a “JUST CAUSE” argument.  

Just Cause Law and Legal Definition

Just cause is sometimes referred to as good cause, lawful cause or sufficient cause.

Religious Just Cause Definition

In 1993 the US Catholic Conference defined just cause like this: Just Cause: force may be used only to correct a grave, public evil, i.e., aggression or massive violation of the basic rights of whole populations. (Google)


This post is not intended to pertain to legal whistleblowers laws which is an entirely separate subject of  persons who have just cause to reveal “illegal, unethical, or not correct within a private or public organization.”

King Solomon

Debate thy cause with thy neighbor himself; and discover not a secret to another: (Proverb 25:9)

Where your own interests are directly involved you should press your case with all the energy and skill you can muster and that you should carry the fight to the neighbors or friend with whom you have your disagreement. The point would then be that others should not be involved in your dispute and their personal relationship with your opponent compromise or impaired. There should be a direct and honorable confrontation, and resort should not be had to devious and cowardly maneuvers in which others are used as cats’ paws. The converse would then be that you should not consent to being so used, thereby divulging the confidences which another has reposed in you. (Proverbs Mc Kane) 

The mouths of fools are their undoing, and their lips are a snare to their very lives. (Proverb 18:7)

A fool has no delight in understanding, but that his heart may express itself. (Proverb 18:2)

What’s My Point?

The Washington Post headline to report the death of the ISIS leader who publicly filmed burning alive a Jordanian captured pilot, numerous mass beheadings, terrorist bombings, etc. etc. was reported in the Washington Post headlines as follows:


My point is, perhaps, the Washington Post revealed something about themselves, their hearts, and their agenda when they reported the above headline?

In My Opinion

Blogging or expressing personal opinions without revealing or providing a means to identify your true name is cowardly folly.

Frankly I believe Presdent Trump is being too kind and gracious using the description fake news. Instead he should use a different term from the Urban Dictionary to describe1 personal and public news sources folly.

The word I would use is “Foolish News.”

Definition Source Link


If Interested

Read the article in the Source Link below and previous posts including a blogger who used his name post about revealing CNN.

You Decide

Should we disregard any blog source of a writer who hides his or her identity?

Should news Sources quit using their readers as “cats Paws” and just report the news objectively instead of hiding or cowardly reporting in a scumbag foolish manner?

If after reading the Chicago Tribune article and his other candidates for his monthly award, do you agree with his choice of the winner?

Did the fool headline or video reveal what is truly in the hearts of “scumbags?”

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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Edited to change from scumbag news to foolish news even though I am disgusted after I remembered my own advice about using only two words same as King Solomon in the link below.