Is there is a much simpler way to fund education and scholarship programs for these low-income students, ages 7 – 18?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, Time to reverse the damage done to low-income scholarship program, reported the new Governor who wants to end the current incentives for private contributors to deduct 75 percent of their donations as a tax deduction.

The end result is the current program which has never obtained sufficient private funding from these type tax deductions to end for the present children who are, “primarily from Chicago and the south suburbs whose home lives are interlaced with poverty, addiction, incarceration, and instability. The school is their refuge.”

King Solomon

When there is moral rot within a nation, its government topples easily. But wise and knowledgeable leaders bring stability. (Proverbs 28:2)

“How many times have you seen this proverb exemplified in foreign countries under ruthless and cruel dictators? Leaders who are corrupt are only able to continue to lead because of their hold on power and their ability to keep others from getting power. Even if the people of the country barely survive and experience inhumane living conditions the leader still holds on to control.

However, a wise and knowledgeable leader brings stability to his nation. He is a man of character and vision. He does what is honest and best for the people of his nation while also looking into the future to plan and prepare for what lies ahead.”

This only have I found: God created mankind upright, but they have gone in search of many schemes. (Ecclesiastes 7:29)

What’s My Point?

A much simpler solution is school vouchers to provide equity for every student rich or poor, to be allowed to succeed in life.

In My Opinion

Everyone in the USA will pay taxes for the rest of their lives to fund education in the USA.

According to the Constitution our Nation founders, everyone should be free to persue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Why government politicians are the only ones who have the power to control spending for education is not what the founders envisioned is folly.

Everyone knows or should know that government politicians are controlled by both voters and campaign contributors who frankly, may or may not be the highest moral motives or virtues as the founders of our Nation.

In other words, the founders of our Nation never envisioned school teacher unions, tax deductions incentives, and/or other schemes be required for consent to educate children both rich and poor.

If Interested

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You Decide

How or why should school funding become so complicated, inequitable, while at the same time costs become so, so, expensive?

When will a Nation currently with the highest National Debt ever recorded in history ever wise up and return to the simple principal that all men are created equal and free to peruse life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,,,,,,,,,,,,without the permission,control, and schemes of government politicians?

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