Should you read Biblical Fiction Novels?

In my novel, as a Lily Among Thorns, A Story of King Solomon, the Queen of Sheba, and the Goddess of Wisdom, a reader commented a question. Biblical Fiction “books are certainly entertaining but are they pleasing to God?”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to clarify her concern about this Biblical Fiction Novel, and perhaps any other novel of this genre.

King Solomon Ecclesiastes Chapter Twelve with Excerpts of Gils Bible Commentary

12.Be warned, my son, of anything in addition to them. Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body.   

 A man may lay out his money, and fill his library with books, and be very little the better for them; what one writer affirms, another denies; what one seems to have proved clearly, another rises up and points out his errors and mistakes; and this occasions replies and rejoinders, so that there is no end of these things, and scarce any profit by them; which, without so much trouble, may be found in the writings of wise men, inspired by God, and in which we should rest contented;

13. Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind.  

for this is the whole duty of man; or, “this is the whole man” (r); and makes a man a whole man, perfect, entire, and wanting nothing; whereas, without this, he is nothing, let him have ever so much of the wisdom, wealth, honor, and profits of this world. 

What’s My Point?

What readers of Biblical Fiction might want to consider the teachings of any Biblical Fiction Novel or Church, Priest, Minister, or Politician in reference to the Bible is explained in the following comment.

It is worthwhile noticing that the priest, so far as he may attempt to be original in the substance of his message, is unfaithful to his commission. Christ does not commission his ambassador to invent treaties of reconciliation, but to deliver the Divine treaty.” Hence, the Church “does not believe that God’s Revelation can be improved upon by even the most brilliant human intellect. She does not rebuke those of her ministers who seek originality in the manner of their message, so long as the message is not obscured by their originality; she does not silence those who present old dogmas in new phrases: but emphatically she repudiates those who, as some recent thinkers have attempted to do, seek to present new dogmas under the cover of the old words.”

Quotations from Robert Hugh Benson, The Friendship of Christ (London: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1912).

In My Opinion

The message in my novel was an original contemporary presentation, carefully researched of ancient wisdom interpretations meant to entertain and enjoy reading, and not intended to “present old dogmas in new phrases,”

I explained in the following comments in response to similar concerns all contained in the Book Review in the Source Link below.

“I spent five years research of Proverb interpretations, Myths, and Legends, of ancient wisdom while writing my novel. I both admire and promote ancient wisdom in relation to today’s modern world in this blog.

 I am especially in agreement with King Solomon’s verse of “nothing is new under the sun.” We face many of the same or similar challenges today as in ancient times.

However, in researching the many various sources, the reality is that there are numerous scientific, philosophical, and religious beliefs in the world. In my novel I believe I carefully expressed the philosophy of King Solomon based on writings attributed in his name. One source commented that King Solomon was recognized as one of the earliest philosophers in the world.”

“I believe any means to achieve conveying Gods Wisdom is better than continuing to read in the news and hear on the radio all the foolish decisions taking place around the world in spite of millions of Bibles and scriptures. This however is my personal opinion and you are entitled to yours and I commend and thank you for sharing your insights.”

If Interested

Read the Source Links Below, I self-published the novel and priced the book at a cost less than a cup of coffee.

The novel is also available in some libraries only in as an eBook. I never published a paper copy because as one kind Publisher explained, while he personally enjoyed reading the novel “not many people are interested in the subject of ancient wisdom.”

The novel has been “pirated” and available free on some sites all over the world. I do not recommend anyone link on any pirated versions because of the possibility of your computer being hacked into.

Just consider if you decide to read the novel, you will pay less than a cup of coffee to be introduced to what someone commented about King Solomon writings. “one of the best earliest self-help primers ever written.”

You Decide

If after reading, would God be pleased or angered, in your opinion?

Was the story entertaining and an enjoyable reading experience?

If after reading, don’t you wish you would have read before you made a lot of foolish things in your life that might have been prevented if only you were introduced to ancient wisdom sources such as the Bible, or many other ancient wisdom writings.

 Regards and good will blogging.

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Original Post 1/19/2019