Is the House Hearing a direct correlation and/or repeat performance of an ancient Biblical “Sour Grapes” event that occurred during the reign of King Solomon?

Today’s Chicago Tribune headline is titled, ‘Ousted Ambassador felt intimidated.’

I listened to ten minutes of testimony of the former Ukraine US Ambassador and could not help but to relate or correlate the present hearing as a repeat performance of an ancient sour grape’s scenario described event in the Bible.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to describe the ancient event for readers to discern if what is occurring in our contemporary times is just another “nothing new under the sun” repeat performance which keeps occurring every new generation as observed by King Solomon.

King Solomon

He who lays plans to do evil gets the name “Intriguer: (Proverbs 24:8)

Excerpt as a Lily Among Thorns.

“My intriguer half-brother apparently believes he is the rightful successor to my throne even though he prostrated himself before me and swore allegiance to me.”

What’s My Point?

Anyone listening or reading the news since the 2016 election understands how surprised, disappointed, and even outraged the Democrats became after President Trump won.

Even though the Washington Swamp legislators have sworn their alliance to the Constitutionality of the election results, there appears to be, in my opinion, a host of political intriguers working to impeach President Trump.

In ancient times, it was not unusual when a new King began his reign to kill anyone who he felt might become a future threat or intrigue against him in the future.

In our contemporary times, it is common practice for a newly elected legislator to ask everyone appointed by the previous legislator for a resignation letter from the former aids and then decide who to keep or let go.

Over time our society has decided this is a more Christian humane way rather than kill whoever he suspects will intrigue against him.

When King Solomon began his reign, he did not take the advice of his father King David to get rid of the enemies he named for Solomon to warn him of potential enemies. Instead he wanted to avoid conflict when he began his reign by asking everyone to swear allegiance. His half-brother Adonijah bowed before him and vowed his allegiance and acceptance of Solomon being selected over him even though he was an older half-brother of King David.

King Solomon later ordered Adonijah to be killed after he broke his vow and attempted a trick plot to overthrow Solomon to acknowledge Adonijah to be the rightful successor instead of Solomon.

In My Opinion

My point that after listening to the testimony of the Ukraine ambassador dismissed by Trump testimony, frankly, in my opinion, both the Muller Report and the House Hearing appears to me to be a sour grape repeat performance, same as during King Solomon’s reign.

If Interested

The above Excerpt of the Biblical Fiction novel As a Lily Among Thorns of the wisdom conversations, I surmised of conversations between King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. (Chapter 20)

The novel is a contemporary application to acquaint readers of the proverbial wisdom of King Solomon writings recorded in the Bible.

In the Source Link below is an explanation of why Adonijah was put to death by King Solomon.

You Decide

Since 2016, have we listening and reading a repeat performance of Sour Grapes intriguers who lost the election and even though they swore to uphold the election results, they are instead repeating the same intrigue trivks as Adonijah?

When will we ever wise up that there is nothing new under the sun about political intrigue instigated by Sour Grapes losers?

Is the Ambassador being used by those “playing power politics” as stated in the Source Link below?

Shouldn’t our Republic Nation be united by the Constitution instead of divided by intriguers?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

 Source Link

Why Did King Solomon Have Adonijah Put to Death?

Excerpt – As a lily Among Thorns

Chicago Tribune