Is it possible there are truthful numinous tip messages being sent by our Creator to clue His human creations about wise or foolish beliefs or the do’s or don’ts of sex and marriage?

I read a Citizen Tom post about secular teachings and beliefs being taught to school children in public secular schools.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to wonder if our Creator is in total agreement with what our current contemporary sexual freedom of thoughts and actions?

Or, is it possible that He disapproves and if so, how does he give us a clue to discern if we are in error based on proverbial wisdom passed on as a blessing to King Solomon?

King Solomon

May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth. (Proverb 5:18)

The general instruction of this chapter is to avoid whoredom, and make use of lawful marriage, and keep to that. (Excerpt Gils Bible Commentary of Proverbs Chapter Five)

What’s My Point?

The above proverb gives a clear message that a male and female are blessed in marriage and implies advice for a man to remain faithful to the wife of his youth.

Proverbs Chapter Five gives additional advice for men not to have sex with whores.

I never could find any King Solomon proverbial wisdom about gay and lesbian marriage in King Solomon wisdom writings.

Our contemporary sexual beliefs are to also condone marriage of same sex partners. So how do we know the truth of what our Creator is in agreement with our contemporary political and sexual governing beliefs?

We know from medical and scientific studies that any illicit sex between partners of either sex can spread STD, HIV, AIDS, Sexual Transmitted Diseases, unless of course both partners were virgins at time of marriage and do not cheat on each other.

My point is that perhaps we need to discern the truth, absent of God shouting down from the heavens to tell us He does not agree with our current sexual freedoms and beliefs.

In My Opinion

Perhaps we should discern that He is not in agreement and is giving us a numinous message that if we choose to engage in a sexual affair that risks obtaining a STD, it is neither wise or according to his plans or wishes for his human creations to choose on our paths in life.

If Interested

Read Citizen Toms Blog in the Source Link Below and a previous post.

You Decide

This post is a wise or foolish, truthful or false discernment to consider about a possible numinous message from our Creator in regards to marriage since the creation of Adam and Eve.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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