Is political intrigue in Congress the reason why legislators will not compromise to pass Bills to reduce and control Drug Prices?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, Lawmakers OK insulin and cannabis measures, reported the Democrat controlled Illinois legislators passed a law to cap insulin costs in Illinois.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate the “ancient “Bills in Congress to interested readers to discern who is to blame for the failure of both political parties to compromise even though:

“Voters say Congress needs to curb drug prices, but are lawmakers listening?”

King Solomon

When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; but when the wicked rule, the people groan. (Proverb 29:2)

He who lays plans to do evil gets the name “Intriguer: (Proverbs 24:8)

What’s My Point?

 President Trump made a campaign promise to reduce drug costs. Everyone is groaning about y drug costs in the USA.

So why did a Democrat State legislator pass a Bill to limit prices of a drug that has been in existence since 1920. It is simple because “more than 1 million Illinois residents are living with diabetes, and insulin prices have risen significantly over the past decade.”

So why doesn’t Congress pass similar Bills?

Is it because of this USA article excerpt?

“Because whether it’s sharing the credit for a legislative victory with the other party or running afoul of the powerful drug maker lobby, neither Democrats nor Republicans are sure the benefits are worth the risks, according to several of those familiar with the debate on Capitol Hill.”

Or is it because of this article excerpt?

“but they also spend millions on lobbying politicians and donating to our decision-makers so that they keep quiet about price gouging.”

In My Opinion

The real reason is simple common sense that was known 3000 years ago as stated in the above proverb, “wicked people are in rule.”

If Interested

Read the Source Links Below and a Previous Post.

You Decide

Will Illinois Insulin users be more inclined to vote Democrat because of the new Bill even though the possibility that a shortage of insulin (market control) may turn up in Illinois because the law only pertains to one State?

Should Congress hold up legislation on this issue for the sole purpose to obtain votes in future elections?

When will voters wise up in the USA and stop voting for intriguers to supposedly represent their interests m instead of their tribal political parties and crony capitalism?

Will voters ever be allowed to sit on the top perch as shown on the feature image, or will they continue to be subject to the politicians droppings from the wicked birds perched above them that they voted for?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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