What two news articles in today’s news can be considered in conjunction of the same word by a sentence written by Henry Peacham?

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate two Chicago Tribune news articles, while seemingly unrelated, are related to power, a mesozeugma, and human folly, in my opinion.

One article was about a burglary of a dead child’s ashes in a home. Another article is about the impeachment of Donald Trump.

While seemingly two totally unrelated articles, in my opinion, they are a mesozeugma in the sense that both happenings reported related to the folly of human’s desires for corruptive power according to the following proverb.

“The proverbial saying ‘power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely’ conveys the opinion that, as a person’s power increases, their moral sense diminishes”.

King Solomon

There is a way which seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. (Proverb 14:12)

What’s My Point?

There are various deaths we all will experience or read about in history.  For example, death in a body, soul, or nation.

In My Opinion

If you compare the following definition used to explain what is a  mesozeugma to the two articles, they are both related to death caused by the desire of power that can corrupt human’s body, soul, and nation.


A mesozeugma[22] is a zeugma whose governing word occurs in the middle of the sentence and governs clauses on either side. A mesozeugma whose common term is a verb is called “conjunction” (coniunctio) in the Roman Rhetorica ad Herennium.[17]

“What a shame is this, that neither hope of reward, nor fear of reproach could anything move him, neither the persuasion of his friends, nor the love of his country. [sic]” (Henry Peacham)

If Interested

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You Decide

Are both reported happenings reported in conjunction to deaths?

One article about a baby that died after birth rather than being aborted, and the other one that may eventually lead to greater divisiveness and potential death over time of our nation?

While both the result of that seems right, yet are both mesozeugma related to power that leads to death?

Is it ironic that the name Henry Peacham is similar to the word “impeachment?”

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

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