Interested in an analogy to relate the Three Little Pig Story to Lady Wisdom?

If, so I recommend you read a post titled, Wisdom builds a lovely home, sir fool comes along and tears it down.

The post reminded me of the story or the three little pigs who each made a decision to build a house.

One built their house using straw, the other wood, or one using brick.

Along came the big bad wolf (fool) who huffed and puffed (lied, intrigued, influenced) to blew down the straw and wood houses but could not do the same with the brick house.

The moral of reading this story is to remind ourselves and our loved ones how to relate how investing more time and effort to build a foundation of brick (wisdom),

This  will over time make it so much harder for the fools who we will encounter in life to destroy our homes (body, soul, mind spirit).

Recommend you read the brief post link.

You Decide

Should we relate the moral of the story analogy to interject a moral lesson to our children that a life built with wisdom is a stronger foundation to guard against the fools they will surely encounter in life?

Fools trying to enter our homes to tear it down brick (Body with alcohol-drugs), by brick (Heart and Soul with sin), by brick, (Mind), and brick (Spirit)?

Regards and good will blogging.