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The Chicago Tribune article reported on Christmas Eve titled: Thinking of buying pot in Illinois on Jan. 1. Here’s how experts say it could affect your health — for better and for worse, is meaningful, responsible duty of a concerned news source to inform their readers of the health risks both present and potential buyers should discern based on this question.

“How much do I want to be doing this?”

Or in other words, is obtaining short term altered mind pleasure that could subject me to incur risks to my personal, family, and friend’s health really worth it especially if I never used or experience ingesting a potentially harmful chemical (THC) into my lungs, stomach, or mind?

The Purpose of This Post

Is to both extend my accolades to the Chicago Tribune for reporting the health risks involved in the use of recreational marijuana instead of reporting only how or where to buy it in Illinois.

Note that I am not concerned with users for medical purposes to relieve pain or medical conditions that are proven effective. Note that the article explains that only FDC tested products are proven rather than what is or may be advertised by sellers, similar to snake oil salesman of the past.

“Any medical use of cannabis, Epstein said, should be restricted to federally approved prescription drugs, such as Peridiole, a CBD product approved for rare forms of epilepsy. State-licensed medical cannabis products are not approved by the FDA. “This is not a safe drug,” Epstein said.”

Sadly, the politicians who voted to approve the sale of recreational marijuana made no provisions to warn potential buyers when they passed laws to legalize the sale to supposedly have government profit instead of criminals.

Frankly, it has also been reported that doing so caused illegal sellers jump for joy because they know that it will server to add millions more users who will use it and become regular customers in time. Many that they will service by selling it illegally at lower prices and more local delivery as proven in other States that legalized recreational marijuana.

The article also reports the increased number of users showing up in medical emergency rooms which will serve to result in more need for medical personnel and funding. Sadly, most users will not have private medical insurance and the costs will be paid by taxpayers.

King Solomon

 Sensible people will see trouble coming and avoid it, but an unthinking person will walk right into it and regret it later.
  (Proverbs 22:3 GNT)

What’s My Point?

If after reading the article and potential health risks or proven medial study fact that ten percent of users will become addicted to either marijuana use and health risks and/or move on to more potent drug addiction, is it really wise or sensible to “see trouble coming and walk right into  into it and regret it later.

In My Opinion

Having experienced witnessing the effects of people claiming marijuana is harmless and there and using recreational marijuana progress into drug addiction and early death. And asking doctors their opinions of people choosing to engage in taking drugs for recreational purposes, engaging in the use of recreational marijuana makes no absolutely and positively no sense and is foolish rather than wise according to this wisdom attribute.

“Wisdom is the quality that keeps you from getting into situations where you need it.” 

And according to the statement in the article of any family member who experiences drug addiction in their family,

“Talk to the family of a person addicted to marijuana. They’re not going to say I’m glad they’re addicted to that,” she said. “A lot of people are just going to add marijuana to alcohol.”

If Interested,

Read the Chicago Tribune article in the Source Links below and previous posts.

You Decide

Should every news source and or news commentator repeat being as responsible to their duty to inform their readers or viewers of the risks of engaging in the use of recreational marijuana.

Should schools be mandated to warn adolescents the same warning messages?

Should the politicians who voted to approve the legal sale to their constituents and communities at the very least do the same to warn them both verbally and to mandate warnings be affixed to every recreational marijuana product same as cigarettes? These warnings have been proven to reduce cigarette use in the USA.

If after reading, was the question posed in the Chicago Tribune wise or foolish?

“How much do I want to be doing this?”

“For better or for worse “for myself, family, friends, community and health of mind body and soul?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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