What are the two core missing ingredients in USA political and even religious factions that is bringing about hatred, divisiveness, in our Nation, families, friends, and building up a taller wall to prevent peace in our society?

I read two articles related to the subjects of political hatred of either Pelosi or Trump and spreading to religius factions..

The Chicago Tribune Article titled; Americas are at each other’s throats. Here’s one way out, is an Editorial Perspective on the question: “If we want to resist the pull of high conflict, we will all have to do things differently….”

The other article is a Citizen Tom blog post titled: United we Stand Divided We Fall, about basically the same political divisiveness we are experiencing in news media sources and opinions in our Nation.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to present my opinion of the two core missing reasons that is contributing to the political divisiveness based on the observation made by King Solomon 3000 years ago.

King Solomon

Better a small serving of vegetables with love than a fattened calf with hatred. (Proverb 15:17 NIV)

Excerpts – Gils Bible Commentary

“What Plautus (i) calls “asperam et terrestrem caenam”, “a harsh and earthly supper”, made of what grows out of the earth; which is got without much cost or care, and dressed with little trouble; a traveller’s dinner, as the word (k) signifies, and a poor one too to travel upon, such as is easily obtained, and presently cooked, and comes cheap. Now, where there are love and good nature in the host that prepares this dinner; or in a family that partakes of such an one, having no better; or among guests invited, who eat friendly together; or in the person that invites them, who receives them cheerfully, and heartily bids them welcome: such a dinner, with such circumstances, is better….

than a stalled ox, and hatred therewith; than an ox kept up in the stall for fattening; or than a fatted one, which with the ancients was the principal in a grand entertainment; hence the allusion in Matthew 22:4. In the times of Homer, an ox was in high esteem at their festivals; at the feasts made by his heroes,”

What’s My Point?

There are two clues to the conundrum in the proverb that is fueling political divisiveness and apparent hatred between Pelosi and Trump.

The first clue is that the “political meal: being served or sought after in Washington DC is the quest for power that does not come cheap based on the funds each party has to collect from donors to serve their  meal to the public.

The other clue is there are a large number of “ox” or long term politicians in power in Washington “stalls” stirring up hatred at the meal because they will not accept the fact that Trump won the election and they will lose power in the next election.

In My Opinion

Term limits is sorely needed to serve to make the in the “Washington meal” less expensive and to help bring about peace as the Chicago Tribune Perspective suggested.

And the two missing ingredients to end every form of hatred is to teach and preach more truth, facts, and both sided opinions rather than bias opinions to the public and private schools and in the news media

.To teach and preach understanding of the same two major ingredients explained over three thousand years ago in the Bible, and the motto of this blog.

“What the world needs now in addition to love is wisdom. We are the masters of our own disasters.”

If Interested

Read the articles in the Source Links Below

You Decide

Will term limits serve to lessen and/or diminish the power struggle of long-term incumbents in Washington DC and their fear of losing power?

And to lessen news media fear that is being spread in the present power struggle of news sources and commentary fueling divisiveness and hatred to profit from readership or viewer? Profit by serving up an expensive meal of hatred instead of less expensive earthly wisdom and love.

Will viewership increase by inciting hatred instead of  promoting understanding and knowledge of wisdom and love that will lead to peace whether it is in a Nation, World, family, friends, or communities?

Should we start reading, teaching, and promoting understanding of wisdom and love from the far less costly Bible instead of continuing to serve Washington meals serving up expensive meals based on hatred, and divisiveness in our Nation and World?

Should political and religious leaders understand they have a responsibility and a duty to compromise instead of quarrel in public during their terms in office that should be in accordance to the wisdom of our founding fathers to require three separate Congressional powers to l lead our Nation subject to voters choices instead of an elite. :

Did I discern the core reasons of the conundrum truthfully to end the present political or religious divisiveness that will lead to the Chicago Tribune quest for “peace” and to lessen the risk of the Citizen Tom opinions of “United we Stand, divided we Fall?”

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

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